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Welcome to the Document Library.  Here you will find a variety of documents for all areas of Development in the City of Franklin. 

Municipal Code:  The Municipal Code is broken down into 24 Titles; and encompasses all of the City's Ordinances and laws.  Here you can find information on fees, processes, regulations and prohibitions.  Subjects include Zoning, Utilities, Sidewalks, Streets, Stormwater, Codes, etc.

Administrative Manual:  The Administrative Manual is a smaller guide taken from the City of Franklin Zoning Ordinance.  The manual provides applicant's with information concerning the City's guidelines for Zoning issues, submittal processes, etc. Additional Info here.

Zoning Ordinance:  The Zoning Ordinance is a guide to all requirements and standards for development in the City of Franklin.  It is an evolving document and is amended frequently by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.  You are encouraged to contact the Planning Department for information on pending amendments. Additional Info here.


Historic Preservation:

Development Site Requirements:


Critical Lots: Critical Lots are an Administratively reviewed plan for lots in a recorded subdivision that, as identified during approval of Development Plan, Site Plan, Preliminary Plat or Final Plat, are difficult to stabilize due to exposed subsoil, steep slope, extent of exposure, and are subject to erosion or sedimentation as a result of cutting, filling, grading or other disturbance of the soil.

Critical Tree Lot: Any lot with trees remaining after the initial grading.  For additional information contact Jason Arnold with the Planning Department.


    Water Quality:

 Post Construction and Maintenance:

Water and Sewer:

Addressing Manual: Describes the standards and process for street name identification and numerical addressing of all parcels and buildings within the City of Franklin corporate limits.


Building Codes: Effective March 1, 2014

  • 2012 International Building Code (including Appendices D & G)

  • 2012 International Plumbing Code

  • 2012 International Mechanical Code

  • 2012 International Fire Code (including Appendices B, C, & D) 

  • 2012 International Fuel Gas Code

  • 2012 International Energy Conservation Code

  • 2009 ICC A 117.1 Accessible and Useable Buildings and Facilities (effective September 1, 2013)

  • 2012 International Existing Building Code

  • 2012 International Residential Code (one and two family dwellings) (including Appendix J)

  • 2012 NFPA Life Safety Code 101

  • 2012 International Property Maintenance Code

  • 2011 National Electric Code