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kitty hall logoThe City of Franklin is teaming up with the Williamson Animal Center with an event called Kitty Hall, a Kitty election, fundraising and adoption event in City Hall in downtown Franklin on Friday, July 19th 10:30-2:30 p.m.

 July is the season for kittens and the Williamson Animal Center will be offering a two for the price of one offer at the Kitty Hall event.  Mars Petcare and the Downtown Franklin Association are joining in the fun with giveaways and kitty-themed specials at some downtown establishments. 

  • When: July 19, 2019 10:30am - 2:30pm
  • Where: City Hall - 109 3rd Ave. S., Franklin, TN
  • Why: We are encouraging the adoption of a feline friend! Come by and vote for your favorite catidate and bring home a new family member!
  • Who: The City of Franklin & Williamson Animal Center

Attendees to Kitty Hall will have the opportunity to adopt a cat, cuddle and play with the kittens and take photos!  Those who adopt can take home their new kitty from the event.  The fees will be $10.00 for kittens and adult cats.  They are also giving attendees a special offer of two-for-the-price-of-one!

Meet the Catidates for Meowyor:

Rhonda Catidate


I'm Running for your health -  so you can be feline fine!

* Proponent of Unifursal Healthcare

* Catnip for medicinal use only

* Wants to make declawing unpawful

* Hosphiss Care available to everyone at the end of their 9th life

* Responsible Reproduction

Favorite Poem: O Cat-ain!  My Cat-ain!


Noodles Catidate


If I'm elected, I promise you a pawesome quality of life!

* Improve infrastructure for smoother transpurrrtation 

* Won’t let your neighborhood go to the dogs

* Wants you to live in the lap of luxury

* Will build a kitty meowseum to showcase the town’s hissstory

 Favorite Book: Of Mice and Men


Tank Catidate


I am a fur-midable catidate that values the importance of paw and order in our society.

* Demands swift justice for kitnappers

* Promises to declare a war on hackers

* Vows to clean up litter bug activity

* Will order the destruction of all mirrors

Favorite Singer: Paw McCartney


Willow Catidate


The paw-sibilities are endless when you have a stronger and smarter community!

* Sniff out a pathway to end paw-verty

* Improve litter-acy rates

* Afurdable housing

* Scratch that stigma for old cat ladies

Favorite candy: Kit Kat Bars


Meet the Kitty Staff:

  Munson Kitty Administrator

Munson - Kitty Administrator

* Leader of the pack - cool and cathletic

* Charming tone and demeanor makes him a great purrrsuader

* Changed Saturday to Caturday because he could

* Prefers to chill, but is not a pro-cat-stinator – he’s a hard worker!

* Even the mice like him

Favorite Film: Catablanca



Pat & Nat - Kitty Recorders

 * Siblings 

* Copycats 

* Timid, but will speak up if necessary

* Raised in Little Rock

*Graduated with Master Degrees in Public Administration from

  the University of Barkandpaws 

Favorite Television Show: The Big Fang Theory