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Website created by Vision.

Several icons on this website were created by contributors from The Noun Project:

  • zone by jayati bandyopadhyay
  • apply by Darshana Girkar
  • submit by Rena
  • schedule by BomSymbols
  • Planning by Mark Jayvee Pabilonia
  • Planning by mynamepong
  • Historical Home by Andrew Nolte
  • Architectural Restoration by Dan Hetteix
  • online by priyanka
  • Scroll by Juan Pablo Bravo
  • Library by GreenHill
  • Library by Kokota
  • business card by icongeek
  • Partner by Tomas Knopp
  • Communication by Gregor Cresnar
  • helping hand by Kylie Whittaker
  • Video by Vectors Market
  • maintenance by Sergey Novosyolov
  • Computer by Creative Stall
  • trashcan by Nhor
  • Recyclable by Adrien Coquet
  • timetable by Vectors Market
  • plan by icongeek
  • Historical Home by Andrew Nolte
  • Computer by Naveen
  • online form by Stock Image Folio
  • Phone directory by ProSymbols
  • budgeting by Davo Sime
  • financial report by Creative Mania
  • payment by Maxim Kulikov
  • report by SBTS
  • banking by Made by Made
  • checkbook by Chanut is Industries
  • street by Viktor Fedyuk (Tim P)
  • Road by Claire Jones
  • Bulldozer by Orin zuu
  • Pedestrian sidewalk by Peter van Driel
  • Road by Pause08
  • Planning by Becris
  • Planning by Maxim Basinski
  • contract by Vectors Market
  • engineer by jipangan
  • engineer by Gan Khoon Lay
  • Traffic by priyanka
  • Traffic by priyanka
  • traffic jam by Gan Khoon Lay
  • Traffic Light by mynamepong
  • Traffic Light by Lluisa Iborra
  • Traffic Cone by Lluisa Iborra
  • Rainwater Tank by Luis Prado
  • Rain by BGBOXXX Design
  • Rain by Marek Polakovic
  • Pollution by Bakunetsu Kaito
  • Plant by IYIKON
  • organic agriculture by yohooo

Additionally, several icons are from an icon pack by Icons8