Water Reclamation Facility Project Updates

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Project Updates

June 2019

  1. Location of the new solids processing building location that is being excavated down to the basement level. This is the area parallel to Claude Yates Drive as you enter the gates of the facility.
  2. Area of the new equalization basin, the 10 million gallon storage tank that will hold raw wastewater as it enters the facility during wet weather events. 
  3. The foundation on the bottom left is the new headworks structure that will allow for a greater capacity to screen the wastewater to get the finer particles out before heading into the biological treatment basins.  You can see all of the reinforcing steel that has already been pulled to create a solid foundation for the building.  The two water filled basins will be demolished as part of this construction.
  4. This is another view of the equalization basin looking back toward Mack Hatcher.  The depth of this excavation is around 20 feet deep and the concrete basin will be anchored into the rock and should begin to be poured within the next couple of weeks.
  5. Aerial view of the solids processing facility and the grading work that is being completed as part of the excavations.




Historical updates

April 2019