Water Reclamation Facility Project Updates

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Project Updates

August 2019

  1. In this photo construction has started on some of the major structure of the facility.
    • The base slab of the 10 million gallon equalization basin has been poured, and the scaffolding for the walls is beginning to be set up.  This basin is 195 feet in diameter and will be wire wrapped poured in place concrete, with a domed roof.
    • The headworks structure is under construction, you can see some of the concrete walls that have been poured and the rebar rods in the remaining walls.  This structure is the foremost part of the treatment process that will screen out solids and floating debris from entering the biological processes.  The screens will be able to filter out debris as small as hair and remove sand and other inorganic particles from the wastewater flow.
    • The construction of a new electrical building will allow for a centralized control center for the entire plant processes and will have dual redundancy in case one substation feeding the plant goes out of service, we’ll still be able to function and treat the flow.
    • Modifications to the oxidation basin #2 is the first part of the upgrades to the basins and will allow for dedicated phosphorus removal by the addition of a fermentation zone.  This zone will allow phosphorus accumulating organisms to grow and thrive, so we can improve our phosphorus removal efficiencies in addition to our current stellar nitrogen removal efficiencies.
  2. This is an aerial of the new solids processing buildings in which we will process the biosolids that are produced from the biological processes.  The large excavation will be a building 3 stories high (basement, ground level, and 2nd story), and will house the new equipment which will increase the solids content (reducing water) so when we haul solids away we’re saving money by not hauling water.
  3. View of the facility from the southwest corner, the Harpeth River runs along the top of the picture behind the treeline.


Historical updates

April 2019

June 2019