Water Reclamation Facility Project Updates

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Project Updates

April 2019

Now that the rain has lessened, the WRF construction is underway with the following highlights:

  • The walking trail that runs parallel to Mack Hatcher has been rerouted, see the below picture for the addition.  The City has a temporary construction access to the site off of Mack Hatcher and the rerouting of the trail will allow for construction vehicles to pull off of Mack Hatcher and visibly see pedestrians while waiting for them to cross, without holding up traffic and creating a hazard on the road.
  • The demolition of part of the older plant that was built in the 1970s is underway to make room for the new equalization basin.  The new equalization basin will allow us to hold up to 10 million gallons of wastewater during rain events that may prevent an overflow from happening within the collection system.  The equalization basin is the first part of the construction project and will be a covered concrete tank with an internal mixing system and will be odor controlled.
  • The new electrical building construction is also underway that will provide redundancy in case of a power outage.  We will have two access points that can provide power, in addition to the generator that is already onsite in case of an outage.
  • The area where the new solids processing area will be located has started grading in preparation for construction.  The construction of this area is independent of the construction of the wastewater (liquids) side, which will make constructability easier and quicker.

WRF Walking Trail

WRF clarifier demo

WRF Construction

WRF Construction