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Water FAQ

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  • What are the Tap fees for the City of Franklin?

  • How do I report a Water Leak?

  • How do I report High or Low Water Pressure?

  • How do I report a Water/Sewer Main Break?

  • How do I request a drinking water quality test?

  • How do I begin or discontinue water service?

  • Why is the water brown?

  • Why does water need to be disinfected?

  • Why do Water Management Employees open fire hydrants?

  • How do I report a Leaking/Damaged Fire Hydrant?

  • Is the Water Department doing anything about brown water?

  • How long will it take for brown water to clear up?

  • Will brown water make me sick?

  • Is bottled water higher quality than tap water?

  • Sometimes my coffee has an oily appearance.

  • Should I buy a home filtration system?

  • Should I buy a water softener?

  • How do I get rid of the pink residue in my bathroom?

  • What is this pink residue in my bathroom?

  • Why does the water look milky?

  • How long will the bad taste or smell last?

  • Is bad tasting or smelling water safe to drink?

  • Is the Water Management Department doing anything about bad tasting or smelling water?

  • Why does the water sometimes taste or smell bad?