Henpeck Lane

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October 2019

Project Description

  • The Henpeck Lane Sanitary Sewer Project is an extension of the City of Franklin’s sanitary sewer system to serve the existing Oak Meadow Elementary School and the proposed Central East Middle School.  The project includes the installation of 5,095 linear feet of 12 inch sanitary sewer line and 1,350 linear feet of 8 inch sanitary sewer line along a tributary of Five Mile Creek from Ellington Drive to the proposed middle school on Henpeck Lane.
  • The City of Franklin and Williamson County Schools (WCS) have entered into an Interlocal Agreement for funding of the project, with WCS being responsible for approximately 60% of the total cost of design, easement acquisition, construction management, construction inspection and construction of the project.  Construction on the project started on June 3, 2019, with the portion of the sanitary sewer across the existing Oak View Elementary School to be completed by August 9, 2019.

October 2019

  • The crossing of Ellington Drive is complete.
  • The bore under Lewisburg Pike is complete.  All of the sanitary sewer has been installed and tested from Lewisburg Pike west to the proposed middle school site on Henpeck Lane.
  • There are several crews working on the project, Crew A, Crew B and Crew C.  Crew A completed Manhole 10 (located on 1251 Lewisburg Pike) to Manhole 11(located on 1261 Lewisburg Pike), Manhole 11 to Manhole 27, and Manhole 13 to Manhole 27.  Manholes 11 and 13 are located on 1261 Lewisburg Pike.  Manhole 14 to Manhole 17 are on the west side of Lewisburg Pike located at 1256 Lewisburg Pike and 2390 Henpeck Lane respectively.  Crew B completed Manhole 1 (located on 112 Lee Circle) across Five Mile Creek and Ellington Drive to Manhole 5 (located at 102 Gilbert Drive).  Crew C removed the construction entrances and dressed up the areas that were completed as the other crews moved out of the area.

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June 2019

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