Winter Weather Guide

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Winter Weather Guide


Snow/Ice Removal


The City of Franklin has a limited number of plow trucks and road salt. We must prioritize how we distribute our salt; we make every attempt to benefit the widest numbers of motorists possible.

Currently, we salt the major arterials, some minor collectors, hospital access, fire hall accesses, and police department accesses.  We also salt known hazardous areas such as steep hills and sharp curves. We will salt upon request if there is a genuine emergency situation. Wherever possible, avoid on-street parking.

Fortunately, the vast majority of winter storm events experienced in Franklin are manageable within these limited resources thanks to our milder southern climate.

In accordance with Franklin Municipal Code Section 16-109, the occupants of property abutting on a sidewalk are required to remove all accumulated snow and ice from the abutting sidewalk.


Trash Collection/Sanitation and Environmental Services

If road conditions are unsafe for our garbage trucks, your trash collection may be suspended until the trucks can safely move through the area.  Any changes to the trash collection schedule can be found on our website ( or via social media (Facebook or Twitter).

Specific inquiries should be made to the Department at 615-794-1516 or


Low-Temp/Cold Weather Tips

  •  Cold Weather Tips - Homeowners should take precautions to help protect their property from damage.  Weatherproofing your home against the cold will help protect your indoor plumbing against the threat of breaks.


 Important Phone Numbers/links


Learn about our brine facility:

Watch our brine truck in action:


Winter weather can cause pothole problems on our streets. Check out our infrared truck and crew quickly fixing a pothole in this time-lapse video (~20 minutes in ~20 seconds) :