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Bulky items such as: beds, couches, chairs, desks, small appliances, mattresses, and motorized equipment.  These items should be placed curbside by 7:00am on your regular trash collection day.  

Bulky items should not be placed under power lines or trees and set at least 5 feet away from anything else on either side.

Collection team members will not collect motorized equipment unless the fluids have been drained prior to placing curbside. Refer to Sec. 17-110; (13). -Residential Solid Waste Municipal Code

Bulky items shall be clearly identified as trash in order for our collection team to provide service. Refer to Sec.17-110; (14)-Residential Solid Waste Municipal Code

Wooden play sets, playground equipment, and all types of fencing are considered construction material and are only collected for an additional fee.

Large Appliances/White Goods

Large Appliances, or “White Goods,” include such items as refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, and water heaters.

To arrange a pick-up for large appliances/white goods, please call Sanitation and Environmental Services at (615) 794-1516. They should be placed at curbside every Thursday, no later than 7:00AM. For safety, please secure appliance doors properly. All appliances collected by the City are recycled.

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Office Number: 615-794-1516