Blue Bin Recycling

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Registration now open. Delivery begins January 2020.

 Blue Bin recycling instructions

Reserve your Blue Bin now! (<<<click that link to register)

The Sanitation and Environmental Services Department will deliver the blue bins beginning in January 2020. Citizens will be charged $4.00 a month for 12 months to cover the administration fee for the blue roll out container after it is delivered to your home in 2020. After the first year there will not be an added fee. The 64-gallon blue roll-out container will remain the property of the city. The blue bin program is voluntary.

Citizens who register by August 30 will be entered into a random drawing for the following:

  • Set-up fee waived (100 residents will be chosen at random)
  • Pilgrimage Festival Tickets (A pair of tickets to the two-day festival will be given to one lucky resident who registers by August 30)

Frequently Asked Questions about the Blue Bin Program

When does blue bin collection start?

The blue bins will be delivered in January 2020.  We expect to begin collecting recyclables in your blue bin, once it is delivered. The collection will be on your regular trash day.

Will the City still collect the blue bags?

There will be some overlap, but by March 30th the city will no longer accept blue bags.

What should I do with my left-over blue bags?

Citizens can use them as trash bags.

Will the City now accept glass?

Unfortunately NO, we will not accept glass. We will continue to search for economical and safe ways to recycle glass.  The Williamson County Convenience centers are the only place that will accept glass for now.  

I heard you were only going to accept Plastics 1 & 2, why?

The City of Franklin is working to have the cleanest recycling product to send to our recycling center.  Many businesses are no longer accepting the other plastics.

Can I order two blue bins?

Not at this time, we may reconsider after the program begins, by mid 2020.

Does everything have to go into the blue bin?  What about cardboard?

All recyclables as shown above should go in the blue bin, without a bag. We ask that you cut or fold cardboard to fit into your bin.  If you have extra you may need to take it to the Williamson Convenience Centers.

Can I have a blue recycle bin if I live in an apartment?

Most apartment complexes use a private hauler for trash collection. These residents are not eligible. If your currently have City trash collection and a black roll-out container you would be eligible. If you are not sure please call 615-794-1516.