Recycling Division

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It's easy to do! No sorting or separation is required. Just place your clean recyclables into blue transparent plastic bags and set them out for collection on your scheduled collection days.  See a video on how to set up your home recycling and the many things you can put in the blue bag.

Recycling a Franklin Family tradition

Blue Bags are available at many local retailers in your trashbag aisle.  Including Publix, Kroger, Lowes, Home Depot, Harpeth True Value, Handy Hardware, Sams, Costco and Walmart.

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What can we recycle in the Blue Bag?


Plastics (1-7)   Aluminum/Steel Mixed Paper Office Paper Cardboard
plastic bottles aluminum cans newspaper office files cardboard
water bottles
tin cans paper backs envelopes
cereal boxes


Not Acceptable:

The Recycling Division does NOT collect plastic grocery bags, glass, Styrofoam or other household waste. We also do not accept plastic pill bottles. These items must NOT be placed in your blue bag. Glass is accepted for recycling at  Williamson County Services located throughout the city.


Blue Bags are collected on your normal collection day. Please have your Blue Bags placed curbside by 7 a.m. on your collection day. Blue Bag on Cardboard

Your Blue Bags should be placed five (5) feet from your regular garbage containers.

Do not use bags of another color because they will not be collected. Only correct material placed in the Blue Bags will be collected as recyclables. 

If you have large pieces of cardboard, we ask that you break the cardboard down flat and place the blue bags on top of the flattened cardboard. All cardboard boxes that are not broken down and/or contain styrofoam, glass, or other household waste will be collected with your regular trash and not recycled.  Please empty any cans!

Information on recycling electronics can be found on our BOPAE webpage

Those living outside the city limits of Franklin, should contact Williamson Recycles for information on recycling in Williamson County. 

If you have questions about the Blue Bag program, please email the department at or call (615) 794-1516.