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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where can I recycle my Christmas tree?

  • Where can I take my paper to be shredded?

  • Where & when can I dispose Household Hazardous Waste in the state of Tennessee?

  • Where can I take my excess trash & recycling in Williamson County?

  • Who do I contact if my Container is in need of repair or service?

  • How do I request a New Refuse Container?

  • What time should I put my rollout container to the curb?

  • What items can I place in my recyclable blue bag(s)?

  • What items can I NOT place in the rollout container and still have them collected?

  • What can we do with debris left from work completed by contractors? If homeowners complete household work themselves, what should they do with building materials?

  • When and how should I place my rollout can and debris for curbside service?

  • What items are prohibited from collection service? Where can these materials be taken for disposal?

  • What should we do if one rollout container will not hold all of our weekly household garbage?

  • Why does everything in a rollout container need to be bagged?

  • Why do grass clippings and yard waste have to be in biodegradable paper bags?

  • Why did the City decide to enforce Title 17 (Refuse and Trash Disposal chapter) of the Municipal Code?

  • Can I lease a temporary dumpster for a residential clean-out project?