-Blue Bin delivery Phase 1 will begin January 6, 2020.

Residents that registered before December 15, 2019 will get their cans during Phase 1.

Residents who registered after December 15, 2019 will receive their container after Phase 1 delivery is complete.

-Phase 1 Blue Bin Deliveries are as follows:

-Residents whose garbage is collected on Monday will be January 6, 2020 thru January 25, 2020.

-Residents whose garbage is collected on Tuesday will be January 27, 2020 thru February 15, 2020.

-Residents whose garbage is collected on Wednesday will be February 17, 2020 thru March 7, 2020.

-Residents whose garbage is collected on Thursday will be March 9, 2020 thru March 28, 2020.

-Blue Bags & Cardboard will no longer be collected off the ground after March 26, 2020

-Recycling will only be collected in City Provided Recycling Containers

-Excess Recycling can be taken to Williamson County Convenience Centers

Our Services

The Sanitation and Environmental Services Department is responsible for the collection and disposal of municipal solid waste, curbside recycling, residential yard and bulk waste, and city-approved containers within Franklin city limits. Our mission is to provide the citizens of Franklin effective and efficient solid waste service in an environmentally and economically responsible manner.

Service area

 SES Refuse Service Area