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Who We Are | Answers to some of your FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions


What are some of the contemporary issues in law enforcement currently covered in the training Franklin Police Officers receive?

Crisis Intervention training, Ethics in Professional Policing, Understanding Cultural Diversity, Interpersonal Communication, Community Policing--Best Practices, Using Verbal Judo as a conflict de-escalation technique, etc.

The Franklin Police Department is accredited – what does that involve?

The FPD was reaccredited, in 2020, for the seventh time by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). Law enforcement accreditation is the “gold standard” for demonstrating the agency meets an established set of professional standards that clearly define performance, policy & procedures.

By policy, when can an Officer use deadly force?

Only when the Officer believes the action is in defense of human life, including the Officer’s own life, or in defense of any person in imminent danger of serious physical injury. Neck restraints are specifically mentioned and considered deadly force.

How does the department monitor enforcement activities in order to prevent bias based profiling?

The department has a written directive that strongly prohibits bias based profiling in traffic contacts, field contacts, and arrests; continuous training is conducted on this directive; and, there is a documented annual administrative review of agency practices including citizen concerns.

Does the department have a mission statement?

To provide professional police services, in partnership with the community, to ensure a safer Franklin and enhance the quality of life.

What are some examples of activities the department does to interact with Franklin residents?

Citizen Police Academy twice a year, National Night Out, Coffee With a Cop, Christmas toy drive, community meetings and picnics, Active Shooter -- Citizen Response, self-defense classes for women, Church Security presentations, CPTED inspections for area businesses/churches (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design), an active social media to connect with the public & keep them informed, and much more.