Criminal Investigations & Support Services

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Captain J.P. Taylor

Comprised of 25 sworn law enforcement officers, the FPD's Criminal Investigation Division has four sections: Property Crimes, Personal Crimes, Vice & Narcotics, and Flex/Intelligence. CID personnel are committed to providing citizens with prompt, diligent, and proactive investigations. Specially trained personnel maximize the use of traditional investigative techniques in combination with the most current technological resources available.

Criminal Investigation Division Leadership:

Captain J.P. Taylor
(615) 550-6825

Lieutenant Scott Legieza
(615) 550-6825

Sergeant Jack Morgan
Personal/Property Crimes
(615) 550-6848

 Sergeant Don Zelaya
Vice/Narcotics Unit
(615) 550-6967

Sergeant Clayton Cates
Flex/Criminal Intelligence
(615) 550-6815

Support Services Leadership:

Lieutenant Mike Jordan
Records & Front Desk
(615) 550-6820