High Water Closures 

Closed Roads:

  1. 3rd Ave N between N Margin & 4th Ave N
  2. Del Rio at Cotton Lane down to one lane

Other Closures:


Aspen Grove Park, Bicentennial Park, Eastern Flank Battlefield Park, Fieldstone Farms Tunnels

Sustainability Initiatives

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Implementing the Action Items


Pinkerton TrailLighting

Solar 1

Community Sustainability Initiatives:

  • Live Green Partnership for Businesses and Organizations is a volunteer initiative that promotes and acknowledges businesses that incorporate best practices; 
  • Franklin has a thriving farmer's market that meets year round;
  • Several buildings in Franklin have achieved LEED Certification; 
  • A direct bus service to downtown Nashville was established using ARRA funds;
  • The initiation of a residential blue bag curbside recycling program began in 2010;
  • Planning and installation of a comprehensive electric vehicle charging infrastructure;
  • Construction and renovation projects to create high performance buildings;
  • Community Events and Festivals like Arbor/Earth Day on the 3rd Saturday in April;
  • Efforts are underway at Eastern Flank Battlefield to provide better access and interpretation of the Battle; 
  • Efforts at Harlinsdale Park:
    • A tree farm has been planted on the property; the 300 trees are managed sustainably and will be planted on other City owned properties as needed;
    • The K-9 Korral Dog Park;
    • A pervious trail network along the Harpeth River and Spencer Creek for walkers, runners, and horseback riders has been planned, but remains unfunded.
    • A community and educational garden has been established

    City Government Initiatives

  • All traffic signals use LED lighting resulting in reduced operation and maintenance costs;
  • The City used an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant to install efficient sports lighting and LED streetlights at Jim Warren Park;
    • The Parks Department controls field lighting remotely to reduce utility costs;
  • The City  conducted a local government operations energy inventory measuring electricity, natural gas, and vehicle fuel usage;
  • The GIS Department created a solar overlay that displays optimal locations for solar arrays;
  • Public/Private partnership to install solar pv on municipal facilities (no outlay of city funds);
  • The City planted 800 trees in City parks in the spring of 2012;
  • The City has 2 Big Belly Solar Trash Compactors in Downtown Franklin;
  • Installation of efficient indoor lighting; 
  • Approval of a Greenways and Open Space Master Plan;
  • The new Police Headquarters achieved LEED Gold Certification;
  • The Board approved a policy to consider LEED Certification for future municipal construction projects;
  • In an effort to save money and increase efficiency, the City offers Electronic Plan Submittal;
  • The City diverts approximately 20% of Residential Waste through a community wide yard waste composting program; After months of breaking down, the rich compost is used for gardening and landscaping;
  • Recycling paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, cans at City administration buildings;
  • The City includes sustainability factors in purchasing decisions; 
  • Members of the Tennessee Pollution Prevention Partnership (TP3)

Please email the City of Franklin with any sustainability ideas you have for the community.