Sustainability Efforts in Franklin

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The City's efforts revolve around identifying cost savings, efficiencies, pursuing grant opportunities, and creating partnerships.  The following are a few accomplishments:

  • Recognized as a Platinum Community by the TVA Valley Sustainable Communities Program;
  • Implemented a City-wide curbside recycling program;
  • 1.2 Megawatts of installed solar through a public-private partnership;
  • Energy Savings of over $100,000/year at the wastewater treatment plant with no outlay of City funds.  The plant is the City's largest user of electricity;
  • Municipal Composting facility for residential yard waste;
  • LED Streetlight projects resulting in significant cost savings;
  • Conversion of 2nd Avenue and 4th Avenue Parking Garage lights to LEDs;
  • Established the Live Green Business Partnership-with 160 members;
  • Installation of energy efficient Musco sports lighting at Jim Warren Park;
  • The adoption of a Municipal LEED Resolution to pursue, if cost effective;
  • The Police Headquarters is LEED Gold;
  • Creation of a long-term integrated water resources plan;
  • Installation of bike bollards and bike racks in Downtown Franklin; 
  • Installation of Electric Vehicle charging stations in 2nd and 4th Ave parking garages;
  • Awarded $212,000 Safe Routes to School Grant;     
  • Awarded $55,000 Special Litter Reduction Grant to market recycling proram and fund a Harpeth River cleanup; 
Live Green Documents:

2013 Sustainability Action Plan

2012 Municipal Energy

2012 Survey Results
2011 Franklin Solar Study
2011 Sustainable Development Best Practices Report
2010 Franklin Energy Inventory
2010 Franklin Greenways & Open Space Plan
2009 Sustainable Community Action Plan
2009 Municipal Services Action Plan 
 How You Can Get Involved: 
  • Participate in the Curbside BlueBag Recycling Program.  It's easy and it saves the City money!  Right now, almost half of eligible residents are participating and about 15% of all residential waste is being diverted from the landfill.  You can purchase blue bags at your local grocery store and be sure to check what can be recycled.  Share the news and urge your friends and neighbors to Blue Bag Recycle. 

  • Sell, donate, or upcycle unwanted clothing. The textile industry has a significant environmental footprint from raw material production through the production process.  Check out this blog post for ideas. 

  • Composting is also a great way to reduce waste.   

  • Join the Live Green Business Partnership and encourage businesses you frequent to sign up.

  • Thinking about solar for your home or business?!  Several businesses in Franklin already have rooftop arrays.  For more information, visit the TVA resources page.  

  • Also, a local Girl Scout Troop found this article informative and wanted to share it with the whole community:  

  • Attend the Sustainability Commission monthly meeting, usually the first Friday of each month at 8 am in City Hall. Check the City calendar for a list of all meetings.  

Live Green Map

-Find Recycling Centers, the Farmer's Market, bike lanes, your home's solar potential, and more on the Live Green Map.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas please contact Andrew, at Franklin's Planning and Sustainability Department at 615.550.6741.