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Subdivision Regulations

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How to Use the Subdivision Regulations

The Subdivision Regulations set the development standards for the subdivision of land, including requirements for design principles, suitability of the land, streets and alleys, lots, and easements, all of which are found in Chapter 2.

Infrastructure requirements, such as water supply, sanitary sewerage, stormwater management, fire hydrants, right-of-way dedication, street lighting, underground utilities, parkland improvements, and landscape improvements are found in Chapter 3.

The Subdivision Regulations provide the procedures for how to subdivide land within the City, which are found in Chapter 4.

Subdividing land into more than two lots is a two-step process. The first step is the preliminary plat, which involves proposing a layout for a subdivision that complies with the development standards and infrastructure requirements of the City. The second step is the final plat, which involves finalizing the layout in a format suitable for recording with the Register’s Office of Williamson County.

When land is subdivided into two lots, a final plat is the only required step. The final plat is also used to create individual lots not involving subdivision of land, to dedicate public right-of-way, to create easements, and to address minor changes proposed to lots that do not involve the creation of a new lot.

The certificate requirements, which are required on final plats, can be found in Chapter 5.