High Water Closures 

Closed Roads:

  1. 3rd Ave N between N Margin & 4th Ave N
  2. Del Rio at Cotton Lane down to one lane

Other Closures:


Aspen Grove Park, Bicentennial Park, Eastern Flank Battlefield Park, Fieldstone Farms Tunnels

Mayes Creek Basin Study

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 What is the Mayes Creek Basin?

It is a geographical area identified by natural drainage patterns. The basin is comprised of approximately 10,000 acres, of which approximately 6,000 acres are within the Franklin Urban Growth Boundary (UGB).  There are also approximately 1,200 acres of floodplain and steep slopes within this part of the UGB.

Where is the Mayes Creek Basin located?

The Mayes Creek Drainage Basin is located on the eastern side of the Franklin UGB. It is east of Interstate-65, with the major portion north of Murfreesboro Road.  The northern boundary of the basin is a line that extends generally from the southern City limits of Brentwood and east to the Burke Hollow Road Area. The eastern boundary of the basin is, generally, a northeast to southwest line that follows the ridge between Burke Hollow Road and Osburn Road towards the Millview Community area. The western boundary is a line that extends from near the intersection of Wilson Pike and McEwen Drive southwest to the Millview Community. The remainder of the southern boundary of the basin is the Harpeth River.  

Location Map

What are the policies set forth in Envision Franklin for this area?

A development suitability analysis was conducted for the entire Franklin UGB and integrated into Envision Franklin, the City’s long-range plan for guiding future growth and development. The Mayes Creek Basin was largely deemed not suitable for development primarily because of the lack of sewer infrastructure and city services, an inadequate transportation network, and the long distance to commercial areas.  Most of the basin is designated as Development Reserve, which only supports single family residential on lots of two acres or more.  Areas closer in to the city limits are in the Single-Family Residential Design Concept.    

Why is the City studying this part of the Urban Growth Boundary?

The City’s current growth policy is to leave this area rural until adequate infrastructure is planned or in place to support development. Multiple property owners who own large tracts in the Mayes Creek Basin are seeking to be annexed into the City of Franklin. The City is studying the development potential of the basin and seeking feedback from residents to determine their vision for this area. If development is desired, what uses are appropriate? 

How are properties annexed into the City?

Tennessee state law allows property owners to request annexation, even if their property is not contiguous to the city limits.  The Board of Mayor and Aldermen will vote on the annexation request and must provide city services if annexed.  Please note, the City cannot proactively annex a parcel without the consent of the property owner.  However, annexation by referendum is permitted by state law, but not a likely option.    

What is the status of the Murfreesboro Road Widening?

Murfreesboro Road/SR-96, from east of Arno Road to east of Wilson Pike will be a 4-lane divided highway with 5–lane sections from Oxford Glen Drive to east of Arno Road and from east of Maple Lane to east of Cox Road.  The right-of-way for the section from east of Arno Road to east of Wilson Pike has been purchased and this project is budgeted for construction in the upcoming fiscal year. The anticipated contract letting is early fall of 2018.  Traffic signals are planned for the Wilson Pike and Cox Road intersections. 

How has public outreach been handled?

The City hosted an open house meeting on November 7th from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm to meet with residents, property owners, and interested citizens. The City of Franklin staff was available to share information, answer questions, and receive your input.  The results from this meeting were presented at the January 25th, 2018  Joint Conceptual Workshop, which is a non-voting meeting between the Planning Commission and the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to informally discuss projects.   The Aldermen, Planning Commissioners, and staff went on a mobile workshop of the basin on February 6th, 2018.  Preliminary options for changing the Envision Franklin Design Concepts map are shown below and were presented at the February 22, 2018 Joint Conceptual Workshop.  

What are the next steps? 

A neighborhood meeting to discuss proposed changes will take place on May 23, 2018 at 6 pm in the City Hall Training Room.  On the following night, May 24, 2018, the proposed changes will be discussed at the Joint Conceptual Workshop.  You can view the slides here: 

The proposed changes have been split into two separate amendments.  The first amendment is being proposed by the Smith family for the properties located at and adjacent to 4417 and 4468 Murfreesboro Road and 3698 North Chapel Road, east of the North Chapel Road intersection.  You can view their proposal at and click the blue “Public Projects” link, login as a guest, click on the search icon, and type in “Mayes Creek Development.” 

The second amendment is being proposed by the City of Franklin Planning staff if the Smith's amendment is approved.  The Planning Commission will consider the amendments to Envision Franklin at the June 28, 2018 meeting at 7 pm in the Franklin City Hall Boardroom. The public is encouraged to participate in the public hearing.  

Planning Exhibits

Engineering Exhibits

Survey Results

Comment Cards from Open House

1.25.2018 Public Outreach Presentation

2.22.2018 Mayes Creek Options

May 1, 2018 Proposed Changes

May 23, 2018 Neighborhood Meeting Staff Slides
May 23, 2018 Neighborhood Meeting Smith's Slides

You can view the staff report packets for both amendments here:

Resolution 2018-46 Applicant’s amendments:

 Resolution 2018-47 City-Sponsored:

Contact if you have any questions or comments.