High Water Closures 

Closed Roads:

  1. Lewisburg Pike from Mack Hatcher to Carnton Ln.  
    • Carriage Park residents must enter through Polk Place
    • Heath Place residents must enter from downtown
    • No access to either from Mack Hatcher
  2. 3rd Ave N between N Margin & 4th Ave

Other Closures:


Aspen Grove Park, Bicentennial Park, Eastern Flank Battlefield Park, Fieldstone Farms Tunnels

Annexation Activity

Press Enter to show all options, press Tab go to next option is the process by which the city extends its municipal services, laws, taxing authority, and voting privileges to a new territory. Annexation encourages orderly growth and provides standardized service to all citizens. It also promotes fairness by requiring that those who use the services provided by a city share in the costs of operating the city.

The Planning Commission recommends either approval or disapproval of each of the three parts above to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BOMA) will receive the Planning Commission recommendation and will hold three readings with a public hearing, usually at the second reading. The public can address BOMA during the public hearing.

There are three parts to an annexation:

  • RESOLUTION TO ADOPT PLAN OF SERVICE (POS): The POS describes how the City will service the properties upon annexation into the city. Services include police protection, fire protection, refuse collection, streets and signage, traffic control, water and wastewater, building and code inspection services and recreation services. The POS takes the form of a resolution.
  • ORDINANCE TO ANNEX: The annexation ordinance is a legal document that describes properties proposed for annexation. A map of the area accompanies it.
  • ORDINANCE TO ZONE: Since the properties are located in the county with county zoning, the zoning ordinance assigns a city zoning district to the properties upon annexation.