Civil War Historical Commission

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The Civil War Historical Commission (CWHC) is composed of eighteen (18) citizen appointees who represent local preservation/heritage organizations, education, the re-enactment community, battle-related properties, and the community in general. The CWHC serves as an advisory body to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and City Administrator in the identification, preservation, maintenance, and recognition of sites related to Civil War battles, skirmishes, encampments, troop movements, and other war-related sites located within the city limits of Franklin in order to protect and maintain the city’s irreplaceable historical wealth for this and future generations.

The commission:

•Acts as the City’s historic and cultural preservation brain trust, working collectively with the entities represented on this Commission to preserve and enhance all of the city’s historic sites;
•Makes recommendations to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and City Administrator for programs or actions designed to implement the recommendations contained in the Battlefield Preservation Action Plan;
•Provides a descriptive presentation reporting the activities and goals annually to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen;
•Facilitates forums for promoting Franklin’s Civil War heritage and for educating the public about said heritage;
•Assists the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and City Administrator in balancing community priorities and resources by offering advice on preservation issues.

Additional information is located on the Civil War Historical Commission page.

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