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Greenways & Trails

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Greenways and Trails

What is a Greenway?

“A greenway is a linear open space established along either a natural corridor, right of way or landscaped course for pedestrian or bicycle passage”.

In keeping with the city goal to become one of the top 25 sustainable cities in the country, the City of Franklin identified the need to expand the existing guiding principles relating to environmental sustainability by utilizing the existing open space and greenways, other trails and public right-of-ways within the Urban Growth Boundary. The city embarked on a 10-month planning process to prepare a master plan to guide the development of a community wide greenway/pedestrian/open space network plan.

A primary goal is the need to “establish a local Greenway/Open Space Master Plan for the City and entire Urban Growth Boundary to identify natural characteristics to preserve, protect, and shape future development patterns and environmentally sustainable practices as a priority”.

The secondary goal of the study was the preparation of a phased implementation plan for development of a contiguous, functional, sustainable, recreational, educational open space and greenway network as an alternative mode of transportation and to provide pedestrian connectivity within the Franklin Urban Growth Boundary.

Greenways and Trails are important assets within a community, allowing for  a contiguous connection to all park facilities and points inside the city.

The documents are linked below.