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Municipal Court FAQs

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  • What happens at a CITY COURT HEARING?

  • I received a citation for NO INSURANCE (financial responsibility) will it be dismissed?

  • I've recently been contacted by a collection agency. What do I do next?

  • Must I pay all court fines/fees when I come to court, or does the court offer some sort of PAYMENT PLAN?

  • If I DISAGREE WITH THE JUDGE'S RULING on my case, what can I do?

  • If my license has been suspended/revoked, where can I go to get it reinstated?

  • If I get a citation for a Municipal code violation, where can I see the Municipal code for the City of Franklin?

  • I received a letter about a parking ticket issued to my car, but I was not driving my car that day. I had loaned my car to a friend or relative. Am I responsible for the parking ticket?

  • Why does the City require you to pull into a parking space in the city garages instead of backing into the space (head in parking)?

  • What are my options for RESCHEDULING my court date?

  • How do I get a marriage license, or renew my license plates (tags)?