Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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Phone: (615) 550-6981
Fax: (615) 550-1969


Using tools such as aerial photographs and the global positioning system (GPS), the GIS team gathers and processes spatial coordinates, topology and dimensions of fixed physical objects such as buildings, rivers and roads, and translates the raw data into usable information. Combined with a strategic vision, this data provides a powerful system capable of analyzing complex information regarding our physical environment. Trained personnel use this information to create digital and paper maps of extraordinary detail, plan for future growth, perform trend modeling, monitor environmental changes, assess security and disaster requirements, and efficiently dispatch emergency services.

Interactive Maps

You can also find our interactive maps on the City of Franklin Public Maps Gallery

PDF Maps

Data Request

The City of Franklin will provide GIS data for a nominal fee to the public (please see data pricing below). If you would like to request data please use the Tax Grid Map to find the specific tax grid number you would like data for. The GIS department can send you the requested data via CD or FTP and in many different formats, including shapefiles and DWG's, as well as static paper maps. Data available for purchase by tax grid is listed below.

  • Aerial Photography
  • Address Points
  • Building Footprints
  • Canoe Launches
  • City Services
  • 2016 DFIRM Flood*
  • Fire Station Locations
  • Historic Property / National Register of Historic Places
  • Parcels
  • Parks
  • River Mile Markers
  • School Locations
  • Streets
  • Subdivisions
  • Topography / Elevation Data
  • Tree Inventory of the Central Business District of Franklin
  • Wards
  • Watershed Areas
  • Zoning

Please send your data request by tax grid to Tracey Poteete, (615)550-6981.

 *2006 and 2016 DFIRM's are both available for purchase.

Data Pricing

  • $10 per layer per tax grid (100' scale) -  digital format
  • $12 for 24x36 printed map with unlimited layers - paper format
  • $24 for 36x48 printed map with unlimited layers - paper format

For large data requests please call the GIS department at (615)550-6981 for pricing.