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Risk Management

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Employee Safety

The Risk Management Department operates within the City's Human Resource Department. This department handles the City's workers' compensation, liability and property insurance. The City of Franklin is a governmental entity as defined in the Tennessee Governmental Tort Liability Act. The tort liability of municipalities and other local governmental entities is determined under the Tennessee Governmental Tort Liability Act - Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) Chapter 20. This Act, passed in 1973 by the Tennessee General Assembly, is an attempt to balance the needs of injured persons to recover for injury or damage caused by the negligent acts of a local government and the needs of local governments to provide and of their citizens to receive public services, with unduly burdensome litigation and taxes. One of the most important provisions of the Act is the section that grants absolute immunity to local governments and then creates exceptions to this immunity making them liable for certain actions or inactions, based on negligence.

Citizen Claims

Information on submitting a liability claim against the City of Franklin may be obtained by contacting the Risk Management office in City Hall at (615)791-3277 or clicking on the citizen claim form link below. If you access the link below, please fill out completely and mail to the address listed.

Citizen Claim Form

The City of Franklin is insured by Travelers Insurance Company. If you are having a special event on City of Franklin property, you may contact our insurance agent, Laura Jungmichel to discuss general liability insurance options. Her contact information is: Laura Jungmichel, Tennessee Risk Management Partners, LLC (615)369-0646 (office) or (615)243-5667 (cell). She can also be reached via email at

Risk Manager
109 3rd Avenue South Suite 102
Franklin, TN 37064
P: (615)791-3277
F: (615)791-3278
Email Risk Management

If you feel you have been discriminated against, call City of Franklin to speak with the Risk Manager, Title VI Coordinator. You also can visit the Title VI office in City Hall, Human Resources Department, 109 Third Avenue South Franklin, Tennessee.

Please note: A charge of illegal discrimination must be filed within 180 days of the date that the incident under consideration occurred. If your situation does not qualify for investigation by us, we will refer you to the State of Tennessee Department of Transportation Civil Rights Office for help.

State of Tennessee Department of Transportation Civil Rights Office, Suite 1800, James K. Polk Building, 505 Deaderick Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37243, Telephone No. 615-741-3681; Fax No. 615-741-3169.



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