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Community Development

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Community Concept PlanWhen developments are first proposed in the City of Franklin, city departments, including the fire department, begin a joint review process to ensure they comply with Franklin's adopted codes.

The Fire Marshal and his staff review all the concept and site plans to determine if adequate fire protection and life safety features have been included in the designs. One important element of community planning is the ability for emergency services (fire, police, EMS) to quickly reach our citizens during an emergency. Connectivity through multiple access points provides a way for responders to arrive at your home or business promptly when help is needed. A single point of entry to a community or development could mean delays if weather, accidents, or other conditions limit access.

Water supply for fire protection is also evaluated early in the project development phase. Water supply modeling and empirical flow tests are used to determine where water infrastructure improvements must be made. All commercial buildings require a minimum of 1500 gallons per minute without dropping the system pressure below 20 psi. Residential developments usually require a minimum of 1000 gallons per minute. If that amount of water is not available, residential fire sprinklers are an alternative.

After a development passes through the planning phase, the fire department is also involved in the construction document review of all new commercial buildings. The plans are reviewed for compliance with the International Fire Code, and the National Fire Protection Association’s Life Safety Code, which is a minimum standard directed toward ensuring an occupant’s ability to exit a building during an emergency. City staff identify design issues that may not comply with national standards.  Certain projects may be sent to an outside plan review consultant to assist the City.

Thorough plan review is the key to long-term building safety for the public as well as firefighters who may be called upon to investigate and enter the building during emergencies. Fire alarm and sprinkler plans are also reviewed during this process. All of the elements are parts of a life safety system providing for the safety, health, and welfare of those in Franklin.