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Young Firesetter Intervention

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Williamson County children ages 3-17, who have a curiosity about fire, or who have misused or set fires, may benefit from the Franklin Fire Department's Youth Firesetting Intervention Program.  In most cases, children and their parent(s) meet with a youth fire safety specialist and take a fire safety course.  The program consists of the following components:


Children may be referred to the Franklin Fire Department’s Youth Firesetting Intervention Program by parents, courts, schools, fire/police personnel, or others.


A non-threatening interview with a youth fire safety specialist (separate from the interview with a fire investigator) is required in order to determine if the fire safety course is appropriate for the child. The caregiver will be asked to sign a waiver release form before the interview takes place. The child may be interviewed alone, if permission is given by the caregiver, or the caregiver may be present. The caregiver may be asked to complete a questionnaire and may also be interviewed. If the youth fire safety specialist determines that the fire safety course is appropriate for the child, then he/she will be enrolled. If it is not appropriate for the child, he/she will be referred to another agency for assistance.


The child's age and specific situation will determine the educational curriculum for the child.  There is no cost for the program. A parent or caregiver may be required to attend classes with the child.  A group class or a more individualized approach may be utilized.


At the completion of the program, participants receive a youth fire safety certificate, and are asked to sign a non-fire use contract.  The instructor will follow up with the child’s parent after six months to ensure the child has abided by the contract, or determine if further intervention is necessary.