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Great Escapes

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5th Grade Fire Misuse Prevention Program


LOGOThe Franklin Fire Department is now scheduling our 5th grade GREAT ESCAPES program (formerly called Fire Facts) for Franklin-area Williamson County Schools. 

Great Escapes is a one-hour, interactive program that features short video clips and speakers who discuss the dangers and consequences of playing with fire.  Students learn how to escape from dangerous scenarios.  These include not only how to escape from a building fire, but also how to escape peer pressure they may encounter to participate in dangerous activities, such as misusing fire.

One of the speakers is Williamson County Schools Safety and Security Director Michael Fletcher, who shares his personal experience as a burn patient.

Between 2007 and 2011 more than 49,000 fires involving children using fire incorrectly were reported to U.S. municipal fire departments, according to the National Fire Protection Association.  These fires resulted in 80 civilian deaths, 860 civilian injuries, and $235 million in property damage per year.  In 2011 juveniles accounted for roughly 41 percent of arson arrests.

Child fire misuse impacts the City of Franklin, as well.  Here are a few examples:

  • A pre-teen girl misusing a candle flame ignited a townhouse fire that destroyed the home and claimed the life of two pets.
  • A teen boy misusing antiperspirant spray and a lighter in his bedroom ignited a house fire.
  • A young girl was hospitalized with life-threatening burn injuries she sustained while misusing gasoline and matches along with other children in the basement of her grandparents’ home.
  • A child was burned in a treehouse fire that started when he and another boy were misusing a lighter and charcoal lighter fluid.

 To schedule Great Escapes for your students call (615) 791-3270 or email Jamie Melton.