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Let us bring the classroom to you!

The Franklin Fire Department’s Family Safety House is an interactive, educational trailer available primarily for school visits and the instruction of first grade students.  Since 2005, more than 10,000 children have toured the Family Safety House and learned fire safety and survival skills.  To request a Family Safety House visit, please coFamily Safety House 2016 Teacher & Parent Guidemplete the form at the bottom of this page. 

Family Safety House highlights:

  • 911 Simulator – A firefighter in the control booth answers 911 calls from children who practice reporting an emergency. 
  • In the kitchen/living area, children learn to identify and avoid common dangers such as matches/lighters, candles and a hot pan on a hot stove. They also learn the importance of working smoke alarms and what to do when they sound.
  • In the bedroom, a special heated door helps children understand the importance of knowing two ways out of every room.  When children feel the door is hot, they learn that fire may be blocking their primary exit, so they must yell for help or escape through their secondary exit, the window.
  • During the program finale the smoke alarm sounds and the room fills with nontoxic, water-based theatrical fog. Children practice crawling low under the "smoke" and follow instructions to exit the Family Safety House safely. 
  • The escape route leads children outside where they gather at their Outside Meeting Place. 
  • Upon completion, children receive an Outside Meeting Place ribbon, a plastic fire helmet and more. They also get a chance to look at the fire engine and firefighting tools and gear!

 To request the Family Safety House, complete the form below, or call (615) 791-3270 for more information.


***Please allow one hour for every class of up to 24 students.***

***Request TWO consecutive days (for example, October 21 and 22) if you have more than three or four classes.***

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