Physical Ability Test

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The following is a description of the physical ability test for firefighter candidates, which simulates the job of a firefighter. Candidates shall complete all components of the test within seven (7) minutes and shall perform all 11 tasks consecutively, without interruption, in proper sequence. Throughout the test, candidates are required to wear a SCBA cylinder/harness, firefighting gloves, bunker coat, and firefighting helmet.  This equipment is provided by Franklin Fire Department during testing.  All weights, distances and measurements are approximate.

TASK 1: HOSE DRAG (3-inch hose, approximately 50-feet in length)

Hose dragYou will stand at the start line about arm’s length distance from the section of hose. You may position yourself so that the hose is next to either your left or right foot, depending on which shoulder you prefer to use to drag the hose. When the examiner tells you to go, reach down, pick up the fold of the hose and drag the hose to the 75-foot line. When you have crossed the stop line, you will drop the hose and immediately proceed to TASK 2, the HOSE CARRY.

TASK 2: HOSE CARRY UP STAIRS (2 ½ inch folded hose, approximately 50-feet in length)

Go to the hose section and slide the 2 ½ inch diameter folded hose onto your preferred shoulder. Carry the folded hose approximately 90 feet along the marked route to the base of the stairs. Carry the hose up the stairs to a platform at the top. Drop the folded length of hose on the floor where indicated and immediately proceed to TASK 3, the HOSE PULL. 

Hose pullTASK 3: HOSE PULL (2 ½ inch hose, approximately 50-feet in length)

Standing in front of a window, grasp the rope that is attached to a length of hose resting on the ground floor below. Using the rope, pull the hose until it reaches the bar at the window. When the hose coupling (the metal connection) reaches the window, a monitor will indicate that you have completed TASK 3. A 100-second timer will now be activated.


Immediately start the 100-second walk by descending the stairs and following the marked route to the 4 ½ foot wall, TASK 5. The 100-second timer will indicate the elapsed time during the 100-second walk. At the end of the 100 seconds, start TASK 5. If you arrived at the 4 ½ foot wall before 100 seconds have elapsed you will have to wait to begin TASK 5 until the 100-seconds expire.


When the 100-seconds are up and the examiner says go, you will approach and scale the 4 ½ foot wall. Immediately proceed to TASK 6, the LADDER RAISE. 

TASK 6: LADDER RAISE (20-foot straight ladder) Ladder raise

Pick up the top of the aluminum ladder from the ground and raise it from its horizontal position to a vertical position. Leave the ladder in this position and proceed immediately to TASK 7, the LADDER CLIMB and DESCENT.


Climb a permanently secured ladder, using one rung at a time, onto the platform; then descend the ladder to the ground, stepping on one rung at a time. Immediately proceed to TASK 8, CLIMBING STAIRS WHILE CARRYING A 15-POUND WEIGHT.


Pick up a 15-pound weight from the floor and climb the stairs to the second floor level. At the top of the stairs turn and descend the stairs to the ground floor and place the weight in the marked space and immediately proceed to TASK 9, the FORCIBLE ENTRY SIMULATION.

TASK 9: FORCIBLE ENTRY SIMULATION – HIT TIRE WITH MAUL (8-pound maul, 66 pound weighted tire, 12 ½ foot long metal surface table)
Pick up the maul at the end of the table and hit the tire until you have moved the tire to the opposite end of the table. A firm grip and control of the maul is necessary for both safety and successful completion of the task. Swing the maul in a continuous motion, striking but not pushing the tire. The maul should not make contact with the table when hitting the tire. After hitting the tire to the end of the table, place the maul on the table and proceed to TASKS 10 and 11, the RESCUE SIMULATION. 

Tunnel crawlTASK 10: TUNNEL CRAWL (Approximately 30 feet long, 32" high and 32" wide)

Drop down to enter a “U” shaped tunnel at whichever opening you choose and crawl through it, coming out the other end. Upon completion of the tunnel crawl, immediately proceed to TASK 11, the RESCUE MANIKIN DRAG.

TASK 11: RESCUE MANIKIN DRAG (Approximately 180-pound rescue manikin including turnout gear, 45-foot drag)

Partially lift and grasp the rescue manikin from the ground. Drag the rescue manikin 45 feet to the finish line. After dragging the entire rescue manikin across the finish line, stop. The physical test is over. The examiner will record your time.

Dummy drag