Financial Policies and Procedures

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City of Franklin

Financial Policies and Procedures

The City of Franklin’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen has approved the following policies and procedures based on financial best practices:

 Policy Policy #   Approval Date
 Alternative Payments Policy Resolution 2012-57  1/8/2013
 Bad Debts Policy Resolution 2012-33   7/10/2012
 Capital Assets Policy  Resolution 2019-59 6/25/2019 
 Debt Management Policy Resolution 2017-81  12/12/2017
 Disbursements Policy  Resolution 2018-39  6/26/2018
 Federal Tax Compliance Policy  --- 1/24/2012 
 Fund Balance Policy - General Fund Resolution 2014-64 9/23/2014 
 Internal Control Documentation  Resolution 2018-52  6/26/2018
 Investment Policy for Non-Pension Assets  Resolution 2017-47  6/27/2017
 Payroll Procedures Resolution 2019-52   6/25/2019
 Pension Funding Policy  Resolution 2014-74  10/28/2014
 Pension Policy  Resolution 2018-62  8/14/2018
 Receiving and Depositing Monies Policy  ---  11/25/2014
 Travel and Expense Policy Resolution 2018-51  6/26/2018


Please note:  The City’s personnel and purchasing policies are not included in the above listing.