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Franklin Transportation & Street Technical Standards

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Standard Drawings - Updated 1/1/2020


DWG NO RD-1 Major and Minor Arterial Pavement Section
DWG NO RD-2 Major and Minor Collector Pavement Section
DWG NO RD-3 Local and Alley Pavement Section
DWG NO RD-4 Multi-use Trail (Public and Private) Pavement Section
DWG NO RD-5 Asphalt Pavement Trench Repair Parking Lot - Drive Aisle
DWG NO RD-6 Asphalt Pavement Trench Repair - Local Street
DWG NO RD-7 Asphalt Pavement Trench Repair - Collector and Arterial Street
DWG NO RD-8 Temporary Safety Ramp at Roadway Projections
DWG NO D-1 Drainage Structures-Manholes-Grates and Endwalls
DWG NO RP-1 Arterial and Collector Curb and Gutter
DWG NO RP-2 Arterial and Collector Curb and Gutter (Sloping Curb)
DWG NO RP-3 Local Street Curb and Gutter
DWG NO RP-4 Local Street Rollover Curb and Gutter (Residential Areas Only)
DWG NO RP-5 Standard Concrete Driveways (with grass strip)
DWG NO RP-6 Lowered Concrete Driveway (with grass strip)
DWG NO RP-7 Lowered Concrete Driveway (without grass strip)
DWG NO RP-8 Typical Concrete Sidewalk
DWG NO RP-9 Typical Concrete Multi Use Path
DWG NO RP-10 Typical Sidewalk Expansion Joint
DWG NO RP-11 Perpendicular Curb Ramp
DWG NO RP-12 Combination Perpendicular Sidewalk Ramp
DWG NO RP-13 Combination Perpendicular Sidewalk Ramp - 6' Curb
DWG NO RP-14 Parallel Curb Ramp Detail
DWG NO RP-15 Blended Transition Ramp
DWG NO RP-16 Perpendicular Ramp Layout
DWG NO RP-17 Combination Perpendicular Sidewalk Ramp Layout
DWG NO RP-18 Parallel Curb Ramp Layout
DWG NO RP-19 Blended Transition Ramp Layout
DWG NO RP-20 Local Residential Street Name Sign (MUTCD D3-1)
DWG NO RP-21 Local Street Sign
DWG NO ITS-1 City of Franklin Fiber Optic Emblem
DWG NO ITS-2 CCTV Cabinet Detail
DWG NO ITS-3 Conduit Trench Backfill Detail
DWG NO ITS-4 UPS Traffic Signal Cabinet Foundation
DWG NO ITS-5 Electrical Service Details Traffic Signal Installation
DWG NO ITS-6 TS2 Detector Locations
DWG NO SD-2 Temporary Cul-de-sac
DWG NO SD-3 Temporary Dead End
DWG NO SD-4 Geometric Layout of Intersections with Curb Return Radii of 30' or Less
DWG NO SD-5 Alley/Mews Approach Apron
DWG NO SD-6 T-Alley Intersections
DWG NO SD-7 Fire Apparatus Turning Template
DWG NO SS-1 Cross Walk 2 3/4" Thick Brick Pavers on Concrete Base
DWG NO SS-2 2 1/4" Thick Brick Pavers on Concrete Base
DWG NO SS-3 Concrete Pavement with Staggered Joint Pattern
DWG NO SS-4 Typical 2 1/4" Thick Brick Pavers Pattern
DWG NO SS-5 Sign Sleeves
DWG NO SS-6 Typical Street Sign
DWG NO SS-7 Limestone Street Marker
DWG NO SS-8 Cast Aluminum Bike Bollard
DWG NO SS-9 Brick Handicap Ramp and Detectable Warning
DWG NO SS-10 Streetscape Sign
DWG NO SS-11 Streetscape Traffic Signal Mast Arm Pole
DWG NO SS-12 Streetscape Pedestal Pole
DWG NO L-1 Streetscape Light Pole (Type C and D Fixture)
DWG NO L-2 Streetscape Light Pole (Type A and B)
DWG NO L-3 Rural Style Street Light
DWG NO L-4 Streetscape Light Pole Base Detail
DWG NO L-5 Planter Receptacle Detail
DWG NO L-6 30' Davit Round Tapered Pole
DWG NO L-7 Double and Single Light with 30' Square Straight Pole
DWG NO L-8 30' Light Pole - Base Detail
DWG NO L-9 Street Light Large Pull Box Installation Detail
DWG NO L-10 Street Light Small Pull Box Installation Detail