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Mack Hatcher Parkway

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Mack Hatcher, S.R. 397, is an important part of the City’s street network. The widening of the existing lanes and the extension of Mack Hatcher to complete the loop is included in the City’s Major Thoroughfare Plan. In December 2005, the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) announced the preferred alternative for the western extension. Context Sensitive Design was utilized to further develop the project between March 2006 and April 2007 to meet the citizens’ needs and to ensure that the roadway compliments the natural surroundings.

The extension is approximately 7.5 miles long and will be split into two projects, Mack Hatcher – Northwest Quadrant and Mack Hatcher – Southwest Quadrant. Design for the Northwest Quadrant began in August 2007. TDOT has allowed the City to manage the design and ROW acquisition for the Northwest Quadrant. Design for the Southwest Quadrant has not yet begun.

The existing section of Mack Hatcher to be widened is approximately 6.8 miles long and will also be split into two projects, Mack Hatcher – Northeast Quadrant and Mack Hatcher – Southeast. Design for the Northeast Quadrant began in 2006 and is being managed by TDOT. Design for the Southeast Quadrant has not yet begun.

•  Mack Hatcher Parkway Contextual Understanding Report - June 2006 [PDF]
•  Mack Hatcher Parkway Context Sensitive Design [ZIP]
•  Mack Hatcher Parkway Context Sensitive Design Executive Summary [ZIP]

•  Mack Hatcher Parkway Newsletter [PDF]

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