Franklin TV Programs

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Moore with the Mayor 

Mayor Dr. Ken Moore meets with local business leaders, artists, city officials, etc. to highlight all the many small factors that help make Franklin so special. Whether it's exploring Franklin's music scene or getting the inside scoop on various city projects, Mayor Moore is committed to showing the inner workings of Franklin in a new light! 



A Walk in the Park

City of Franklin Parks Director, Lisa Clayton, takes us around Franklin for an inside look at our city parks. City employees, volunteers and local non-profits help to keep these parks and the events they host thriving year in and year out. "A Walk in the Park" is here to highlight what makes these Franklin parks so special.





Franklin Tomorrow is an independent, community-visioning nonprofit that hosts a monthly lecture series, FrankTalks. FrankTalks was created to educate and illuminate issues facing the community as a whole. Franklin Tomorrow also takes a broader approach to trends and how they could possibly impact Franklin and its residents.


Other Programs:

         Tennessee Uncharted                                       Out of the Blue


               Tennessee Uncharted                 Out of the Blue

                                 White House Chronicle                                    Perils for Pedestrians



              White House Chronicle            Perils for Pedestrians