Outdoor Merchandise Display and Sandwich Board Signage in the Downtown Historic Preservation Overlay

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Example Sandwich BoardsEffective June 21, 2012, the City of Franklin Board of Mayor and Alderman approved Ordinance 2012-26 addressing Franklin Municipal Code Title 16, Chapter 7.  This requires that any outdoor merchandise display and/or sandwich board/easel signage, and carts in the HIstoric Preservation Overlay be approved and permitted annually by the City of Franklin.  Sandwich boards and easels must have a Certificate of Appropriateness from the City of Franklin Preservation Planner. 

All required applications, forms and display layout are listed below.  Additional information, including Ordinance 2012-26 are also available.  Please complete your forms and submit to Builiding and Neighborhood Services at 109 3rd Ave, North, Suite 110.




For additional information or inquiries contact

Amanda Hall, City of Franklin, Preservation Planner


Steve Haynes, Sign and Design Administrator


Ordinance 2012-26

Outdoor Merchandise Display and Signage with the City of Franklin's Historic Preservation District general information

Outdoor Merchandise Display and Signage Application

Outdoor Merchandise Display Layout

Indemnity Agreement

Owner Affidavit

Downtown Franklin Local Historic District Map