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Residental and Commercial Construction

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As of Monday, April 21, 2014, the Building and Neighborhood Services Department will require all construction plans submitted for residential projects be submitted through our new electronic plan review system. The plans should be submitted in .pdf format with all pages in order and labeled. The only exception to this will be if the project has already been submitted or permitted with paper copies. CLICK to be redirected to the online portal.


The City of Franklin's Building and Neighborhood Services Department is responsible for ensuring that buildings and other structures in the City are built safely and responsibly.  We work hard to prevent injury and reduce damage caused by fire or other natural disasters.  We accomplish this by reviewing building permit plans and applications, inspecting throughout the construction process, and providing technical assistance to residents, contractors and architects.  The Building Codes are technical in nature and can be hard to interpret.  Our team will be happy to answer any questions that you may have on the Building Code requirements and procedures.  Our office is open from 7:30am - 5:00pm Monday through Friday. 


Photo of outside of rough stage residential construction

A building permit is required for all new construction, additions, renovations, decks, pools and most repair work.  Accessory and storage buildings and fences over 6 feet in height also require building permits.  A building permit is not required for a fence 6 feet or less in height, but please remember, design standards found in the Zoning Ordinance do apply.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the Design Standards.  Permits help ensure that your project is constructed safely and legally.  To determine if your project requires permitting, contact us at 615-794-7012.  We strive to process the applications as expeditiously as possible.  Residential  permit applications will be processed in 7 working days or less.  When applying for your permit, it is imperative to be clear and precise regarding the scope of work to be done.  Detailed plans are essential for a timely review.

The building permit DOES NOT cover plumbing, mechanical, electrical or low voltage work to be done in conjunction with the construction.  Contractors licensed in these particular fields must obtain permits for this work.

Who can pull the permit?

Homeowner?  Yes, the homeowner may pull the building permit.  If the permit is for the construction of a new home, it must be your primary residence and you may only be issued a permit for this once every 2 years.  A Homeowner's Affidavit must be completed and notarized before any permits can be issued.

Not a licensed contractor?  Yes, if the work to be done is less than $25,000.  If the cost of the work exceeds $25,000 a State of Tennessee licensed contractor must pull the permit.  A copy of the State of Tennessee license and a certificate of insurance is required before the issuance of any permits. 





Photo of outside of commercial building

 All Non-Residential/Commercial projects must go through a thorough plan review.  All plans are now to be submitted through the electronic plan review portal.  The plans are required to stamped/sealed with the complete project address on every page.  The initial review will be completed in 20 working days or less.  If there are any deficiencies on the plans, all corrections will be reviewed in 10 working days or less after corrected plans are resubmitted.  New, from the ground up, construction over 10,000 square ft is required to go to outside consultant for review.  Upon completion of reviews, the permit technician handling the project will send any comments regarding the project to the architect via email and/or fax and mail.  All corrections/resubmittals must have an accompanying cover/response letter.  Once the plans are approved by all disciplines, the permit technician will again notify the architect and at that point the general contractor may call to set up an appointment to obtain the permit. 

The building permit DOES NOT cover plumbing, mechanical, electrical or low voltage work to be done in conjunction with the construction.  Contractors licensed in these particular fields must obtain permits for this work. 

The City of Franklin Fire Department also requires plan submittal and inspects Non-Residential projects before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued.  For more information on the Fire Department's process and inspections, click here.



Photo of outside of Monelle's Restaurant

The City of Franklin is very special in its historic character and the community gives high priority to preservation.  Before any permits for construction may be issued for property covered by a Historic Preservation Overlay, the applicant must contact the Historic Preservation Officer, in the Planning and Sustainability Department.  For additional information, please refer to the Historic Preservation website.