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City of Franklin Calendar of Meetings and Events

USACE Home Raising Project - PUBLIC MEETING

The City of Franklin invites you to attend a Public Meeting on Thursday, July 18, 2019, at 6:00 pm, in the City Hall Boardroom, for a quick presentation and an in-depth discussion of the U.S. Army Corp of Engineer’s (USACE) Home Raising/Lifting Program.  This program helps protect eligible homes along the Harpeth River from flood damages.  The City and USACE Staff will present the project history, the current program basics, and how the eligible homeowners move forward within this program (if you received a letter from the City of Franklin, your home is eligible to participate in this program).

Background information for this meeting:

  • This program is sponsored by the City of Franklin and administered through the USACE, as part of a Project Partnership Agreement for design and construction of the project.  
  • This is a VOLUNTARY PROGRAM for the eligible 35 homes.  
  • Eligible homes are raised above the 500-year flood zone level, following the City’s Zoning Ordinance requirements.  
  • The USACE individually justified the 35 homes based on the flood damages they are experiencing (amount & frequency) and the cost to protect (cost of raising). They surveyed each structure’s first floor elevation.
  • The preliminary cost estimate provided by the USACE is approximately $4,000,000 for all 35 properties.  The USACE agrees to pay for 65% of the actual construction and temporary relocation costs.  The City and homeowner would be responsible for the remaining 35% of required construction funding (17.5% each).  
  • The home construction estimates include the cost of raising the home (by a certified home raiser), the construction of new foundation (cinder block or brick), the reconnection of utilities & duct work, and restoration of landscaping/grass, etc.  There is also the cost of temporary housing for up to 3 months.  The duration of the temp housing depends on the construction duration and local codes on habitation. 
  • The homeowner hires the construction contractor, but the USACE and the City can assist in locating qualified contractors and review proposals. The goal is to assist the homeowner to the fullest extent possible, to achieve quality, sustainable flood protection.

If you have questions or cannot attend, or want to schedule a one-on-one meeting with the City, please contact William Banks at 615-550-6677 or 

Anyone requesting accommodations due to disabilities should contact the City’s ADA Coordinator at 615-791-3277 prior to the meeting.  


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