Franklin Housing Commission

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Mission Statement

To encourage the production and maintenance of affordable housing, raise community awareness of potential business opportunities involving partnerships with neighborhood residents and community development organizations, and advise the Board of Mayor and Aldermen on affordable, workforce, and moderately-priced housing issues and opportunities.

7-25-18 Call for Proposals

Priority Rankings 2018

2018 - 2019 Annual Action Plan

2017-2018 CAPER

2015-2020 City of Franklin Consolidated Plan

2018 Fair Housing Presentation

Some of their accomplishments include the following:

  • A City staff position has been approved to focus on affordable/workforce housing; 
  • Ordinance 2008-22 [PDF] housing chapter in the Municipal Code and to waive building permit fees for housing non-profits; 
  • Ordinance 2008-51 [PDF] was adopted that created water/wastewater incentives for lower income families; 
  • Ordinance 2008-52 [PDF] was adopted that created a reserve fund for residents and businesses to make donations that will be used to create affordable/workforce housing opportunities; 
  • Ordinance 2008-60 [PDF] was adopted to declare the intent to provide fair housing opportunities within Franklin; 

Franklin Housing Commission


Term End Date

Pam Lewis    Representative - Non-profit  Tenure  
Dana McLendon    Alderman  Tenure  
Nancy Conway    Franklin Tomorrow  Tenure  
Jimmy Franks    Franklin Planning Commission  Tenure  
Derwin Jackson    Franklin Housing Authority Tenure  
Alma McLemore    Representative- Non-profit  Tenure  
Stephen Murray    Representative- Non-profit Tenure  
Rob Wigton    Williamson County Realtors  Tenure  
Wayne Weaver    Representative Non-Profit  Tenure  

Jeffrey Caruth
February 2019
John Besser
  At-Large February 2019
Joey Czarneski
April 2020
Stefanie Lee Bishop
April 2020
Mary Ann Garner
  At-Large April 2020
Elizabeth Wanczak
  At-Large August 2019
Mary Anne Dotson

April 2019

Paul Lebovitz    At-Large  April 2019   
Ron Crutcher    At-Large  February 2019   
Rae Boyd Sanchez   At-Large  June 2020   
Kathleen Sauseda
Staff: Housing
Development Coordinator

Vernon Gerth   Staff: Asst City Administrator/
Community & Econ. Development
Phone: 615.550.6671
Chris Bridgewater
Staff: Director,
Building & Neighborhood Services
Phone: 615.550.6655


Housing Commission

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