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BOMA Work Session



01. Call to Order

02. Citizen Comments


03. Consideration OfEvent Permit Application From The Alex LeVasseur Memorial Fest For An Event In Jim Warren Park On June 27, 2010.
Lisa Clayton, Parks Director

04. Consideration Of Event Permit Application From Heritage Foundation For Franklin Brewfest (formerly Feile Franklin) To Be Held In Downtown Franklin On March 13, 2010.
Jackie Moore, Police Chief

05. Discussion of Curb Side Recycling Program

06. Professional Services Agreement (PSA) Amendment WithJackson Thornton For The Water Treatment Plant Feasibility Analysis In The Amount Of $15,769.46.
Mark Hilty, Water Management Director

07. Presentation on Mack Hatcher Parkway Extension Context Sensitive Design (CSD) Elements.
David Parker, City Engineer/CIP Executive
Eric Gardner, Director of Engineering

08.* Consideration of the TDOT Agreement for the Mack Hatcher Parkway Extension Amendment No. 1, Agreement No. 070112, Pin 101454.01, State and Local Cooperation Future Budget Request, COF Contract No. 2009-0051. (2/9/10 WS)
David Parker, City Engineer/CIP Executive

09.* Consideration Of Bid Award To Camp & Sons LLC, D/B/A W.P. Camp & Sons, Of Nashville, In The Amount Of $575.00 For Purchase And Removal Of The Single-Family Residential Dwelling At 1009 Hillsboro Road As A Means Of Disposal Of Said Surplus Property, And Approval Of The Agreement For Same.
Eric Gardner, Director Of Engineering

10. Discussion And Consideration Of Staff’s Recommended Priority Ranking For Small Projects To Be Funded As Approved In The Capital Funding Plan; $500,000 Set Aside Per Year. (Deferred from 01/26/10 WS)
David Parker, City Engineer/CIP Executive
Attached Exhibits:
Appendix A    Appendix B    Appendix C    Appendix D    Appendix E    Appendix F

11. Consideration of Proposed Ordinance 2010-12, An Ordinance To Amend Title 9, Chapter 4 Relative To The Regulation Of Taxicabs In The City Of Franklin.
Shauna Billingsley, Interim City Attorney

12. Discussion On The Merits Of The Waiving Plan Review And Building Permit Fees For Public Schools And Selected Not-For-Profit Agencies Located Within The City Of Franklin.
Mayor John Schroer

13. Annual Report on Franklin’s FACTA Program (Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act), Identity Theft Protection.        
Rodney Escobar, Risk Manager
Attached Exhibits:  Annual Report    Procedures    BCBS Letter    Facta Form

14. Consideration Of Proposed Resolution 2009-55, A Resolution Adopting And Implementation Of TheNew Historic District Design Guidelines. (FMPC Vote 8-0)
Alderman Ann Petersen, FMPC Board Representative

15. Consideration Of Proposed Ordinance 2009-77, An Ordinance To Amend Chapter 4, Section 4.1.6, And Chapter 8, Section 8.3, Of The City Of Franklin Zoning Ordinance Relating To Home Occupations. (FMPC Vote 8-0)
Alderman Ann Petersen, FMPC Board Representative

16. Consideration Of Proposed Ordinance 2010-03, An Ordinance To Amend The City Of Franklin Zoning Ordinance To Revise Provisions Relating To The Powers, Duties, And Membership Of The Franklin Board Of Zoning Appeals.  (FMPC Vote 8-0)
Alderman Ann Petersen, FMPC Board Representative

17. Discussion Of SPUI Vs. Diamond Interchange (Continued Discussion And Additional Subject Material Information; Deferred From 1/26/10 Worksession)
David Parker, City Engineer/CIP Executive

18. Status Update on Ordinance 2009-55, Offenses Against The Peace And Quiet.
Eric Stuckey, City Administrator

19. Review and Discussion of Policy for Sewer Connection.
Alderman Michael Skinner

20. Other Business

Respectfully Submitted,
Eric S. Stuckey
City Administrator

To request accommodations due to disabilities, please contact the Human Resources Risk Manager at (615) 791-3277.

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