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Meeting Agendas & Minutes

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Capital Investment Committee 3/26 4pm and Planning Commission 3/26 7pm

The public may participate by:

• Watch the live stream through the City of Franklin Facebook and YouTube accounts.

• Watch the meeting on FranklinTV or the City of Franklin website. 

• Limited viewing will also be available in the lobby of City Hall to watch the live video.  The public may be allowed to enter the Board Room one at a time during the public comment periods of the meeting.

• Call 1-312-626-6799 to listen to the meeting via Zoom. Meeting ID 430 399 1941.

 To provide public comment on an agenda item during the meeting: 

• Share your official comment with the agenda item number specified in the comment section of the Facebook or YouTube live videos.

• Email comments to

• If participating via Zoom, those who call in will be unmuted when comment is requested during a public comment portion of the meeting.  This will be when you provide public comment for the record.  

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If you have any questions prior to the meeting, please contact the Planning Department at 615-791-3212.  

To access minutes and agendas for meetings held  prior to September 24, 2014, contact the Administration Department at 615-791-3217.

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BOMA Worksession

Budget and Finance Committee

Capital Investment Committee

BOMA & FMPC Joint-Workshop

Planning Commission

Beer Board

Civil War Historical Commission

Board of Zoning Appeals

Building and Street Standards Board of Appeals

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Franklin Housing Commission

Franklin Transit Authority

Historic Zoning Commission

Industrial Development Board

Sustainability Commission

Tree Commission




BOMA Work Session

Approved Minutes of 03-09-10 worksession

01. Call to Order

02. Citizen Comments


03. Live Green Partnership Presentation
Eric Stuckey, City Administrator

04.* Consideration Of Event Permit Application From Battleground Academy for an Event On April 22, 2010.
Jackie Moore, Police Chief

05.* Consideration Of Event Permit Application From Heritage Foundation for Main Street Festival On April 24-25, 2010.
Jackie Moore, Police Chief

06*. Consideration Of Amendment To HR Manual, Article XI, Section F, Clarifying Overtime And Compensatory Time.
Eric Stuckey, City Administrator

07.* Consideration of the Professional Services Agreement, COF Contract No 2010-0021, with Duncan Associates for the 2010 Road Impact Fee Study/Update in the Amount of $24,800.00 and Fixed-Fee Cost of $2,000.00 Per Person Per Day for Additional Meeting Attendance. (Funded in Road Impact Fund by Ordinance 2010-16 Budget Amendment)
David Parker, City Engineer/CIP

08. Consideration OfResolution 2010-18 To Reapprove A Concept Plan For Franklin Christian Academy For One Year, On Land Totaling 27.91 Acres, Located At 1720 New Highway 96 West.
Catherine Powers
Director of Planning & Sustainability

09. Consideration of Proposed Ordinance 2010-18, An Ordinance To Be Entitled: “An Ordinance to Amend Various Sections of the City of Franklin Municipal Code, Title 13 – Property Maintenance Regulations, Relating to the Codifying of Various Fees and Penalties.”
Vernon Gerth
ACA Community and Economic Development

10. Consideration Of Proposed Ordinance 2010-19, An Ordinance To Be Entitled: “An Ordinance Amending The City Of Franklin Municipal Code, Title 22 – Comprehensive Fees And Penalties For The Purpose Of Codifying The Various Fees And Penalties Found In Title 13.”
Vernon Gerth
ACA Community and Economic Development

11. Consideration Of ProposedOrdinance 2010-XX, An Ordinance To Be Entitled: “An Ordinance Amending The City Of Franklin Municipal Code, Creating Chapter 7 Of Title 21 And Hereafter Referred To As The Inclusionary Housing Ordinance For Previously Approved Planned Developments.”
Alderman Pearl Bransford

12. Small Projects Prioritization Follow-Up. (Continued from 02/23/10 Worksession)
David Parker, City Engineer/CIP

13. Consideration OfBid Award For One Trommel Screener Suitable For Compost For The Maintenance Division Of The Streets Department (Purchasing Office Procurement Solicitation No. 2010-022; An Intent-To-Amend The Streets Department General Fund Budget For The Current Fiscal Year To Provide Funding For Lease/Purchase Of A Compost Screener Was Approved By BOMA On December 8, 2009).
Joe York, Streets Director

14. Consideration Of Inter-Planning Commission Review For Property Located At 3105 Boyd Mill Pike.
Catherine Powers
Director of Planning & Sustainability

Other Business

Respectfully Submitted,

Eric S. Stuckey
City Administrator

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