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Meeting Agendas & Minutes

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Capital Investment Committee 3/26 4pm and Planning Commission 3/26 7pm

The public may participate by:

• Watch the live stream through the City of Franklin Facebook and YouTube accounts.

• Watch the meeting on FranklinTV or the City of Franklin website. 

• Limited viewing will also be available in the lobby of City Hall to watch the live video.  The public may be allowed to enter the Board Room one at a time during the public comment periods of the meeting.

• Call 1-312-626-6799 to listen to the meeting via Zoom. Meeting ID 430 399 1941.

 To provide public comment on an agenda item during the meeting: 

• Share your official comment with the agenda item number specified in the comment section of the Facebook or YouTube live videos.

• Email comments to

• If participating via Zoom, those who call in will be unmuted when comment is requested during a public comment portion of the meeting.  This will be when you provide public comment for the record.  

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If you have any questions prior to the meeting, please contact the Planning Department at 615-791-3212.  

To access minutes and agendas for meetings held  prior to September 24, 2014, contact the Administration Department at 615-791-3217.

Board of Mayor and Aldermen

BOMA Worksession

Budget and Finance Committee

Capital Investment Committee

BOMA & FMPC Joint-Workshop

Planning Commission

Beer Board

Civil War Historical Commission

Board of Zoning Appeals

Building and Street Standards Board of Appeals

Employee Pension Commission

Franklin Housing Commission

Franklin Transit Authority

Historic Zoning Commission

Industrial Development Board

Sustainability Commission

Tree Commission




Board of Mayor & Aldermen Meeting

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01. Call to Order

02. Invocation

03. Pledge of Allegiance

04. Grievances or Statements from Citizens. Citizen Comments (Open for Franklin citizens to be heard on items not included on this Agenda. As provided by law, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen shall make no decisions or consideration of Action of citizen comments, except to refer the matter to the City Administrator for administrative consideration, or to schedule the matter for Board consideration at a later date. Those citizens addressing the Board of Mayor and Aldermen are requested to come to the microphone and identify themselves by name and address for the official record.)

05. Communications from Williamson County Mayor and Williamson County Commission.

06. Approval of Minutes.
March 23, 2010 Worksession
March 23, 2010 Board of Mayor and Aldermen

07. Recognitions by Mayor John Schroer

08. Miscellaneous Reports

All items under the Consent Agenda are deemed to be non-controversial and routine in nature by the governing body. They will be approved as recommended by Committee or staff by one motion of the governing body. The items on the Consent Agenda will not be discussed. Any member of the governing body desiring to discuss an item on the Consent Agenda may request that it be removed from the Consent Agenda and be placed on the Regular Agenda. It will then be considered at that time. Staff recommends that Item Numbers 17 - 25 be placed on the consent agenda.


10. PUBLIC HEARING : Consideration of Ordinance 2010-15, An Ordinance to Amend the FY 2009-2010 Budget (Drug Fund Account) For Purposes of Purchasing Audio Visual Equipment At Police Headquarters. (02/18/10 Finance 4-0; 3/9/10 BOMA)
Second of Three Readings
Brad Wilson, Facilities Project Manager

11. PUBLIC HEARING Consideration Of Ordinance 2010-16, FY 2009-2010 Budget Amendment For Road Impact Study; (2/18/10 Finance 4-0; 3/09/10 B)
Second of Three Readings
Russ Truell, ACA Finance And Administration

12. Consideration Of Ordinance 2010-21, An Ordinance To Be Entitled: “An Ordinance Amending The City Of Franklin Municipal Code, Creating Chapter 7 Of Title 21 And Hereafter Referred To As The Inclusionary Housing Ordinance For Previously Approved Planned Developments.” (03/23/10 B)
Second and Final Reading
Alderman Pearl Bransford

13. Consideration Of DEFERRING The Proposed Lease For Fitness Equipment For Police Headquarters To May 11, 2010 Board Meeting. (Deferred From 3/23/10 B).
Jackie Moore, Police Chief


14. Consideration of Amendments to the City of Franklin Pension Plan.
Russ Truell, ACA Finance and Administration

15. Consideration of Mayor’s Appointments to Pension Committee.
Mayor John C. Schroer

16. Consideration of Mayor’s Appointment of an Alderman to Franklin Tomorrow Board of Directors.
Mayor John C. Schroer


17. Consideration Of Ordinance 2010-03, An Ordinance To Amend The City Of Franklin Zoning Ordinance To Revise Provisions Relating To The Powers, Duties, And Membership Of The Franklin Board Of Zoning Appeals. (FMPC 8-0) (03/23/10 B)
Third and Final Reading
Alderman Ann Petersen
FMPC Board Representative

18. Consideration of Ordinance 2010-18, An Ordinance To Be Entitled: “An Ordinance to Amend Various Sections of the City of Franklin Municipal Code, Title 13 – Property Maintenance Regulations, Relating to the Codifying of Various Fees and Penalties.” (03/23/10 B)
Second and Final Reading
Vernon Gerth
ACA Community and Economic Development

19. Consideration Of Ordinance 2010-19, An Ordinance To Be Entitled: “An Ordinance Amending The City Of Franklin Municipal Code, Title 22 – Comprehensive Fees And Penalties For The Purpose Of Codifying The Various Fees And Penalties Found In Title 13.” (03/23/10 B)
Second and Final Reading
Vernon Gerth
ACA Community and Economic Development

20. Consideration of Resolution 2010-19, A Resolution Certifying Deposit Accounts, Securities and Loans. (3-18-2010 Finance 3-0)
Russ Truell, ACA Finance & Administration

21. Consideration Of Contract With Alexander Thompson Arnold PLLC To Audit Accounts Of The City Of Franklin For The Period From July 1, 2009 To June 30, 2010. (3-18-2010 Finance 3-0)
Russ Truell, ACA Finance & Administration

22. Consideration Of Contract With Yeary, Howell & Associates To Audit Accounts Of The Franklin Conference Center At Cool Springs. (3-18-2010 Finance 3-0)
Russ Truell, ACA Finance & Administration

23. Consideration Of Purchase Of Three (3) Demonstrator-Model Mini-Packer Trucks For The Solid Waste Blue Bag Program, Said Trucks To Be Financed By Means Of Existing Bank Master Lease Agreement. (04/13/2010 WS)
Becky Caldwell, Solid Waste Director

24. Consideration Of New Liquor License Retailer’s Certificate For WestSide Wine & Spirits (Mr. Wesley Alexander), 188 Front Street, Suite 106, Franklin, Tennessee 37067. (04/13/10 WS)
Lanaii Y. Benne, Assistant City Recorder

25. Delegated Action items
a) Request For Additional Room And Site Signage At The New Police Department Headquarters In An Amount Of $3,976.00 Based On Changes To Personnel And Programming Of Additional Spaces From Original Design Criteria.

b) Addition Of Three Quarter Horsepower Sump Pump In An Amount Of $1,487.00, Installed At The In-Ground Fire Meter Box Located At City Of Franklin Police Headquarters.

c) Approval Of Change Order In An Amount Of $6,502.47 For Environmental Testing Performed At New City Of Franklin Police Headquarters When Gas Fuel Tanks Were Located On The Hood Property At The Corner Of Ninth And Columbia.

d) Change To Electrical And Data Connections In An Amount Of $3,472.00 For Emergency Operations Rooms 286, 288, 290 And 243 Located In The Police Department Headquarters’ Criminal Investigation Offices.


Meetings of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen are open and public sessions in accordance with law. All interested persons are urged to attend.
Respectfully submitted,

Eric S. Stuckey
City Administrator

To request accommodations due to disabilities, please contact the Human Resources Risk Manager at (615) 791-3277.

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