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Board of Mayor and Aldermen Meeting

01.         Call To Order                        To view minutes of this meeting, click here 


02.         Invocation


03.         Pledge Of Allegiance


04.         Grievances Or Statements From Citizens.  Citizen Comments (Open For Franklin Citizens To Be Heard On Items Not Included On This Agenda.  As Provided By Law, The Board Of Mayor And Aldermen Shall Make No Decisions Or Consideration Of Action Of Citizen Comments, Except To Refer The Matter To The City Administrator For Administrative Consideration, Or To Schedule The Matter For Board Consideration At A Later Date.  Those Citizens Addressing The Board Of Mayor And Aldermen Are Requested To Come To The Microphone And Identify Themselves By Name And Address For The Official Record.)


05.         Communications From Williamson County Mayor And Williamson County Commission.


06.         Approval Of Minutes.

·        April 2, 2013 Special Worksession

·        April 9, 2013 Worksession

·        April 9, 2013 Board of Mayor and Aldermen


07.         Recognitions      

·        Building Safety Month

·        Historic Preservation Month

·        Municipal Clerk’s Week May 5 - 11

08.         Miscellaneous Reports   


09.         Consent Agenda

All Items Under The Consent Agenda Are Deemed To Be Non-Controversial And Routine In Nature By The Governing Body.  They Will Be Approved As Recommended By Committee Or Staff By One Motion Of The Governing Body.  The Items On The Consent Agenda Will Not Be Discussed.  Any Member Of The Governing Body Desiring To Discuss An Item On The Consent Agenda May Request That It Be Removed From The Consent Agenda And Be Placed On The Regular Agenda.  It Will Then Be Considered At That Time.  Staff Recommends That Item Numbers 16 – 28 Be Placed On The Consent Agenda. 


10.         PUBLIC HEARING: Consideration of Ordinance 2013-08, an Ordinance to Rezone +/- 10.03 Acres from Agricultural District (AG) to Estate Residential District (ER) For the Property Located at 252 Spencer Creek Road. (03/26/13 BOMA 7-0)
Second of Three Readings
Ald. Ann Petersen, FMPC Representative


11.         Consideration of Resolution 2013-25, A Resolution To Authorize Staff To Enter Into Contract Negotiations With Selected Architect For The Design Of The Prototypical Fire Stations.

(04/23/13 WS) 
David Parker, City Engineer/CIP Executive


12.         Consideration of Resolution 2013-28, a Resolution Approving The Annual CDBG Action Plan For 2013-2014 And Authorizing A Request For Housing And Urban Development CDBG Program Funds. 

(04/23/13 WS)  
Chris Bridgewater, Director
Building and Neighborhood Services
Kathleen Sauseda
Interim Housing Development Coordinator


13.         Consideration Of Interlocal Agreement With Williamson County Government (COF Contract No. 2013-0043) For Transferring The Billing And Collection Of Property Taxes To The Williamson County Trustee.
(04/23/13 WS)   
Russ Truell, ACA Finance and Administration
Steve Sims, Business Process Improvement Manager


14.         Consider Authorizing The Immediate Issuance Of A Purchase Order To Stringfellow, Inc. Of Nashville For Two (2) Side-Loading Refuse
Collection Trucks At $258,377 Each For A Total Of $516,754, With Delivery And
Payment Scheduled For After July 1, 2013, For The Collection Division Of The
Solid Waste Department (To Be Reflected In The Proposed Budget For Fiscal Year
2014, Account Number 124-89520-46110).          (04/23/13 WS)                                                 Becky Caldwell, Solid Waste Director


15.         Consideration of Mayor’s Nomination to the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Dr. Ken Moore, Mayor




16.         Consideration of Ordinance 2013-01, An Ordinance to Amend Title 12, Chapter 1, Section 107 of the Franklin Municipal Code relating to Contractor’s Security Deposits To Insure Restoration Of Damaged City Streets, Sidewalks, Landscaping, Stormwater Drainage Improvements, And Other Approved And Accepted Infrastructure Associated With Construction Activity.  (04/09/13 BOMA 8-0)
Second and Final Reading 
Vernon Gerth, ACA Community and Economic Development


17.         Consideration Of Resolution 2013-23; A Resolution Funding The Hunters Bend Elementary Safe Routes To School Project And Approval Of TDOT Locally Managed Safe Routes To School Agreement No 120296; PIN 118151.00.  (04/11/13 CIC 4-0)                   David Parker, City Engineer/CIP Executive


18.         Consideration Of Request To Deny Sanitary Sewer Availability For 124 Spencer Creek Road (Map 052 Parcel 01702).  (04/11/13 CIC 4-0) 
David Parker, City Engineer/CIP Executive


19.         Consideration Of Liquor License Retailer’s Certificate (Renewal) For Westside Wine & Spirits, 188 Front Street, Suite 108 (Westhaven PUD), Franklin, Tennessee 37064 (Wesley Alexander). (04/09/13 WS) 
Lanaii Y. Benne, Assistant City Recorder


20.         Consideration Of Professional Services Agreement, COF Contract No 2013-0040, With TRC Solutions For The Archaeological Monitoring For The Eastern Flank Battlefield Access Roadway Improvements For An Amount Not To Exceed $38,720.00. (04/11/13 CIC 4-0)
David Parker, City Engineer/CIP Executive


21.         Consideration Of Amendment No. 1 To The Professional Services
Agreement (COF Contract No. 2012-0052) With Gresham, Smith & Partners
(GS&P) For Additional Design Services For The 7
th Avenue/Fair Street Intersection To 5th Avenue North Sanitary Sewer Line Improvements Project
In An Amount Not To Exceed $11,040.00. (Budgeted In Water And Sewer Funds) (04/11/13 CIC 4-0)

David Parker, City Engineer/CIP Executive


22.         Consideration Of Amendment No 3 (COF Contract 2012-0097) With Kimley Horn And Associates In An Amount Not To Exceed $7,200 For Carothers Corridor Development Study Project.(Funded Under TOC FY 2012-2013 Budget Line Item 82560, Consultant Services) (04/11/13 CIC 4-0)

David Parker, City Engineer/CIP Executive


23.         Consideration Of Crosswalk Maintenance Agreement (COF Contract 2013-0038) For A Proposed Paver Crosswalk To Be Installed On Franklin Green Parkway. (04/11/13 CIC 4-0)

David Parker, City Engineer/CIP Executive


24.         Consideration Of A Professional Services Agreement, COF Contract No 2013-0039, With Hazen And Sawyer For The Design Of The South Prong Of Spencer Creek Sanitary Sewer Collector Upgrade For An Amount Not To Exceed $337,095.00. (Sewer Fund) (04/11/13 CIC 4-0)

David Parker, City Engineer/CIP Executive


25.         Consideration Of A Professional Services Agreement, COF Contract No 2013-0034, With CDM Smith, Inc. For Revisions To Final Construction Plans For The Mack Hatcher Parkway Extension Project (TDOT Pin 101454.01) For An Amount Not To Exceed $277,500.00.(This Cost Is To Be A Reimbursement From TDOT)  (04/11/13 CIC 4-0) 
David Parker, City Engineer/CIP Executive


26.         Consideration Of Sale Of Surplus Property  Located At 112 Bridge Street,Commonly Known As The Old Old Jail, (COF Contract 2013-33).  (04/09/13 WS)

Eric Stuckey, City Administrator


27.         Consideration of Special Event Permit for Wounded Warrior Project 8K and Soldier Ride for November 16, 2013. (04/09/13 WS)   
David Rahinsky, Police Chief



28.         Items Approved By The City Administrator On Behalf Of The Board Of Mayor And Aldermen:

      Annual Housing
Consultant Contract for 2013-14 CDBG Program
Housing Fund, Inc. – Contract Number 2013-0036





Executive Session

29.         Consideration of Motion To Enter Executive Session For Purpose Of Reviewing Various Matters of Pending Litigation.                                                                  Shauna Billingsley, City Attorney



30.         Consideration of Matters from Executive Session. 

                                                                                                         Dr. Ken Moore, Mayor


Scheduled City Meetings and Events

(April 24 – May 14, 2013)


April 24                3:00 pm               Budget & Finance Committee

April 25                5:00 pm               BOMA & FMPC Workshop

April 25                7:00 pm               Planning Commission

April 27-28                                        Main Street Festival

May 2                   7:30 am               Housing Commission

May 2                   6:00 pm               Board of Zoning Appeals (BOZA)

May 9                   7:30 am               Battlefield Preservation Commission

May 9                   4:00 pm               Capital Investment Committee   

May 13                 5:00 pm               Historic Zoning Commission

May 14                 4:30 pm               Beer Board

May 14                 5:00 pm               BOMA Worksession

May 14                 7:00 pm               Board of Mayor and Aldermen Meeting



Other Business


                                                                                                         Respectfully Submitted,



                                                                                                         Eric S. Stuckey

                                                                                                         City Administrator


To Request Accommodations Due To Disabilities, Please Contact The Human Resources Risk Manager At (615) 791-3277. 

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