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Anthony, DonaldPrincipal PlannerPlanning and Sustainability615-550-6734 Email
Bailey, BrianBackflow InspectorWater Management615-794-4554 Email
Baldwin, RhondaAdministrative AssistantWater Management615-794-4554 Email
Baltimore, GregBattalion Chief, C ShiftFire (615) 791-3270 Email
Banks, WilliamEngineer IEngineering(615) 550-6677 Email
Barker, DavidFleet Maintenance SupervisorStreets615-791-3252 Email
Baughman, CarlTraffic/Transportation EngineerEngineering(615) 550-6663 Email
Baumgartner, BradPlanning Assistant (615) 550-6733 Email
Baumgartner, BradPlanning AssistantPlanning and Sustainability(615) 550-6733 Email
Baxter, DavidHeavy Equipment OperatorWater Management615-791-3240
Baxter, DebbieOffice ManagerSanitation and Environmental Services(615) 794-1516 Email
Beard, DerekInspector III - Bldg, Plbg, and MechBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6637 Email
Beasley, DianaAdministrative Assistant to Lt. Rob LentersPolice(615) 550-6815 Email
Belcher, JeffUtilities Crew ChiefWater Management615-794-4554
Benne, LanaiiAssistant City RecorderAdministration615-550-6609 Email
Bilbo, James Grounds Crew ChiefParks615 794-2103 Email
Billingsley, ShaunaCity AttorneyLegal615.550.6603 Email
Bonnifield, RebeccaAdministrative AssistantBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6647 Email
Bornick, DougPlans Examiner II - Architectural Building & Neighborhood Services615-550-6636 Email
Boshers, DonnieWastewater OperatorWater Management615-791-3240
Bowling, JosephWastewater Operator IWater Management615-791-3240
Bridgewater, Chris DirectorBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6633 Email
Brown, AlexPermit TechnicianBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6638 Email
Burlason, Cathy Scale OperatorSanitation and Environmental Services(615) 794-1516 Email
Butler, ScottSergeant, Professional Standards/AccreditationPolice(615) 550-6805 Email
Caldwell, RebeccaDirectorSanitation and Environmental Services(615) 794-1516 Email
Carter, BuddyLandscape Maintenance SupervisorStreets615-550-6894 Email
Cartwright, Lori Administrative SecretaryStreets615-550-6896 Email
Chrisman, CaseyStormwater InspectorStreets615-550-6882 Email
Clausi, ChrisEmployee Relations ManagerHuman Resources(615)550-6985 Email
Clayton, Lisa DirectorParks(615)794-2103 Email
Clouse, RickSergeant, Training CoordinatorPolice(615) 550-0618 Email
Coleman, Susan Technical Support SpecialistPlanning and Sustainability615-550-6729 Email
Conner, BenUtility InspectorWater Management615-794-4554 Email
Corn, KristenStaff AttorneyLegal615.550.6603 Email
Crafton, JeanneAdministrative SecretarySanitation and Environmental Services(615) 794-1516
Crafton, Rodney Utilities Crew ChiefWater Management615-794-4554
Cross, SamParalegalLegal615.550.6603 Email
Cruse, Paige Parks & Rececreation SuperintendentParks(615)794-2103 x 6944 Email
Culberson, MaureenAssistant Supervisor, Emergency Communications CenterPolice(615) 550-6823 Email
Culberson, Maureen Assistant Communications Supervisor (615) 550-6823 Email
Dannenfelser, KellyPart-Time Planner Planning and Sustainability615-550-6735 Email
Davis, EricaBenefits TechnicianHuman Resources(615)550-6618 Email
Davis, JuanWater Reclamation SuperintendentWater Management615-791-3240 Email
Driver, GlendaFinancial AnalystFinance 615-791-1457 Email
Dunnivant, JaniePermit TechnicianBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6655 Email
Edwards, Chris Maintenance Crew ChiefParks615 794-2103 x 6974 Email
Edwards, RanSenior Electrical Inspector IVBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6694 Email
Einstein, AlbertPhysicistCommunity & Economic Development(238)392-2378 Email
Eslick, DuwanOffice ManagerStreets615-550-6877 Email
Fantine, Tiffany Program Specialist (615) 794-2103 x 6939 Email
Fantine, Tiffany Program Specialist (615) 794-2103 Email
Finn, JoanneAdministrative AssistantFire (615) 550-6759 Email
Fitts, JimmyUtilities Crew ChiefWater Management615-794-4554
Foglia, RayCable TV CoordinatorAdministration615-550-6610 Email
Forester, JohnNeighborhood Resource OfficerBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6640 Email
Fox, WilliamTraffic Signal Technician & Electrical IIIStreets615-550-6892 Email
Franklin, RoseAdministrative AssistantWater Management615-794-4554 Email
Fulwider, LindaBoard Recording SecretaryAdministration615-550-6623 Email
Furline, BradWater Distribution Assistant SuperintendentWater Management615-794-4554 Email
Gambill, AbbyTOC OperatorEngineering(615) 791-3218 Email
Garrigan, JohnStormwater InspectorStreets615-550-6885 Email
Garzarek, RockyFire ChiefFire (615) 550-6756 Email
Gerth, VernonAssistant City AdministratorAdministration615-550-6671 Email
Gill, DavidWastewater OperatorWater Management615-791-3240
Glenn, SarahEMS OfficerFire (615) 550-6760 Email
Grubb, SteveAssistant DirectorStreets615-550-6879 Email
Hall, AmandaPreservation PlannerPlanning and Sustainability615-550-6737 Email
Haman, Michael Senior Building Inspector IVBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6630 Email
Hamm, MichaelTraffic Signal TechnicianStreets615-550-6893 Email
Hammon, KimOffice Manager (Fleet Maint.)Streets615-791-3252 Email
Hansen, EllenAdministrative AssistantLegal615-550-6603 Email
Hardemon, AngelaRecords SupervisorPolice(615) 550-6830 Email
Harmon, PHR, Shirley K.Human Resources DirectorHuman Resources(615)791-3216 Email
Harness, DerekUtility InspectorWater Management615-794-4554 Email
Harness, GBA, TracyHuman Resources GeneralistHuman Resources(615)550-6724 Email
Harper, DustinBackflow InspectorWater Management615-794-4554 Email
Harris, DannyCrew SupervisorSanitation and Environmental Services(615) 708-9362 Email
Hatcher, MichelleWater Management Department Assistant DirectorWater Management615-794-4554 Email
Haynes, SteveZoning Enforcement OfficerBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6641 Email
Hilty, KatieFinancial ManagerFinance 615-791-1457 Email
Hilty, MarkWater Management Department DirectorWater Management615-794-4554 Email
Holland, MauriceInspector I - ElectricialBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6695 Email
Holzen, PaulDirector Engineering(615) 550-6679 Email
Horton, ToddBattalion Chief, A ShiftFire (615) 791-3270 Email
House, EddieBattalion Chief, B ShiftFire (615) 791-3270 Email
Hunter, EmilyPrincipal Planner Planning and Sustainability615-550-6739 Email
Ingram, ThomasEngineering SupervisorEngineering(615) 550-6666 Email
Jackson, AngelaAdministrative SecretaryAdministration(615)791-3216 Email
Jackson, AngelaAdministrative Secretary 615-791-3217 Email
Jarosz, LoriPlanning Associate Planning and Sustainability615-550-6728 Email
Jenkins, JonathanCaptain, TrainingFire (615) 550-5125 Email
Johnson, Eric C.Public Affairs Officer (615) 550-6819 Email
Johnson, GlennAsst. Chief-TrainingFire (615) 791-3362 Email
Johnson, JoanAdministrative AssistantFinance 615-791-1457 Email
Jones, BrandonUtilities Crew ChiefWater Management615-794-4554
Jordan, MikeLieutenant, C-Squad (2:00pm - 10:00pm) Police(615) 550-6820 Email
Justus, TommySergeant, Special Victims UnitPolice(615) 550-6848 Email
King, AndyFire MarshalFire (615) 550-6752 Email
Kortas, PaulaSurety CoordinatorPlanning and Sustainability615-550-6736 Email
Lawrence, JackWater Operator Sr.Water Management615-791-3260
Lawrence, JohnSergeant, Chief Firearms InstructorPolice(615) 550-6841 Email
Laws, TimWastewater Maintenance TechWater Management615-791-3240 Email
Layman, RogerInspector I - BuildingBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6668 Email
Lee, JRWastewater Collection Assistant SuperintendentWater Management615-794-4554 Email
Lenters, Rob Lieutenant, Criminal InvestigationsPolice(615) 550-6825 Email
LePore, Michael Neighborhood Resources & Property Maintenance SupervisorBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6653 Email
Lewis, AllenBuilding OfficialBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6639 Email
Lewis, KevinAthletic Crew ChiefParks615 794-2103 x 6946 Email
Lindsey, KevinFacilities SuperintendentParks(615)794-2103 x 6948 Email
Logan, SandyAdministrative AssistantParks(615)794-2103 Email
Lowe, ChristyTechnical Support SpecialistStreets615-550-6887 Email
Lowe, MikeComptrollerFinance 615-791-1457 Email
Mackdanz, JimInspector III - Bldg, Plbg, and MechBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6646 Email
Mallory, SteveInspector I - ElectricalBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6625 Email
Marlin, JamesAdministrative Services TechnicianFire (615) 550-6742 Email
Marsh, TomZoning and Development CoordinatorBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-794-7012 Email
Marston, JonathanEngineer IIIEngineering(615) 550-6675 Email
Martin, GingerPermit TechnicianBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6645 Email
Martin, Roy Gene Building MaintenanceSanitation and Environmental Services(615) 794-1516
McClure, LarryWater Treatment Assistant SuperintendentWater Management615-791-3260 Email
McCord, DerrickSenior Road InspectorStreets615-550-6883 Email
McCoy, ShannaPlans Examiner I - Residential and Flood PlainBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6631 Email
McCullough, MoniquePublic Outreach SpecialistAdministration615-550-6606 Email
McNeil, BenUtility InspectorWater Management615-794-4554 Email
McPeak, RickyWater Management Department Assistant DirectorWater Management615-794-4554 Email
Melton, JamieFire/Life Safety EducatorFire (615) 550-6862 Email
Mizell, LarryLand Planner Planning and Sustainability615-550-6731 Email
Mobley, WayneFire InspectorFire (615) 550-6898 Email
Morkos, AdelWastewater Operator Sr.Water Management615-791-3240
Morris-Bailey, SharonBuilding AssociateBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6634 Email
Morton, Billy JoeRoad InspectorStreets615-550-6880 Email
Napier, TimSafety CoordinatorHuman Resources(615)791-3277 Email
Nichols, MaxineAdministrative Assistant, Administration Division Police(615) 550-6803 Email
Odeneal, NormanPlans Reviewer II - ElectricalBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6643 Email
Oliver, ChristineHuman Resources GeneralistHuman Resources(615)550-6722 Email
Orr, AndrewSustainability / Grant Coordinator Planning and Sustainability615-550-6741 Email
Paris, MarkWater Operator Sr.Water Management615-791-3260
Parker, DavidCity Engineer/CIP AssociateAdministration615-550-6660 Email
Parr, Vicki Executive Assistant to City Administrator & MayorAdministration615.550.6605 Email
Peach, JessicaAdministrative AssistantFire (615) 550-6757 Email
Pike, Molly Zoning AdministratorBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6738 Email
Pitts, PHR, GBA, TammieAssistant Human Resources Director/Benefits ManagerHuman Resources(615)791-3223 Email
Pope, LoriFinancial Technician (Payroll)Finance 615-791-1457 Email
Powers, CatherineDirector of Planning & SustainabilityPlanning and Sustainability615-550-6740 Email
Prather, DavidSergeant, Traffic UnitPolice(615) 550-6828 Email
Pratt, DougDisposal ManagerSanitation and Environmental Services(615)-794-1516 Email
Price, John Inspector III - Bldg, Plbg, and MechBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6696 Email
Prince, Rodney Plans Examiner I - FireBuilding & Neighborhood Services, Fire 615-550-6648 Email
Proctor, PatriciaUtilities Project ManagerEngineering(615) 550-6674 Email
Proctor, PatriciaUtilities Project ManagerWater Management615-791-3218 Email
Rahinsky, David Chief of Police Police(615) 791-3246 Email
Ray, AmandaTechnical Support SpecialistEngineering(615) 550-6669 Email
Reed, RickyWastewater OperatorWater Management615-791-3240
Reeves, MelodyHuman Resources TechnicianHuman Resources(615)791-3216 Email
Reierson, MilissaCommunications ManagerAdministration615-550-6629 Email
Ridley, NateCrew SupervisorSanitation and Environmental Services(615) 390-0984 Email
Ring, GingerTechnical Support SpecialistBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-794-7012 Email
Roop, SarahAdministrative AssistantEngineering(615) 550-6661 Email
Rubush, KatieAssistant DirectorEngineering(615) 550-6676 Email
Sappington, SarahAdministrative AssistantAdministration615-550-6693 Email
Sappington, SarahPart Time Administrative AssistantHuman Resources(615)791-3216 Email
Sauseda, KathleenHousing Development CoordinatorBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6608 Email
Saylor, GayleEvidence TechnicianPolice(615) 550-6808 Email
Schaaf, RobertWastewater Operator IWater Management615-791-3240
Scheffel, DeannaProgram SpecialistParks(615)794-2103 x 6971 Email
Scholl, MeghanPlanning Assistant 550-6377 Email
Scholl, MeghanPlanning Assistant 615-550-6977 Email
Scholl, MeghanPlanning AssistantPlanning and Sustainability6155506977 Email
Schuman, RyanPublic Affairs OfficerPolice(615) 550-6811 Email
Scott, CarlTraffic Maintenance ManagerStreets615-550-6891 Email
Scruggs, DustinStaff Engineer IEngineering(615) 550-6725 Email
Shea, TimWastewater Operator IWater Management615-791-3240
Shepherd, WilliamCrew SupervisorSanitation and Environmental Services(615) 426-4918 Email
Shuford, AnnaPlanning and Research AnalystParks(615)794-2103 x 6942 Email
Smith, Carl Lieutenant - Special Operations Commander (615) 794-2513 x7280 Email
Smith, CarlLieutenant, A-Squad (10:00pm - 6:00am) & K9Police(615) 550-6842 Email
Smithson, HarveyService Division SuperintendentWater Management615-794-4554 Email
Snackenberg, Todd ArboristParks(615)794-2103 x 6945 Email
Springer, PatZoning Enforcement OfficerBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6638 Email
Stanfill, LarryHeavy Equipment OperatorWater Management615-791-3240
Stone, Kelly Plans Reviewer II - Plbg, MechBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6625 Email
Stoughton, GeraldWastewater OperatorWater Management615-791-3240
Stuckey, EricCity AdministratorAdministration615-791-3217 Email
Sullivan, RussellWater Treatment SuperintendentWater Management615-791-3260 Email
Sullivan, Terry Utilities Crew ChiefWater Management615-794-4554
Sylvis, RMPE, SaraRisk ManagerHuman Resources(615)550-6979 Email
Teague, KevinDeputy Chief, Patrol OperationsPolice(615) 550-6817 Email
Terry, DonRoad InspectorStreets615-550-6881 Email
Tester  (321)392-2837 Email
Thomas, Donna Administrative Assistant to Deputy Chief Kevin TeaguePolice(615) 550-6834 Email
Thompson, BrendaAdministrative SecretarySanitation and Environmental Services(615) 794-1516 Email
Thorpe, DonnaExecutive Assistant to David Rahinsky, Chief of PolicePolice(615) 550-6802 Email
Thurber, IvanWastewater Operator IWater Management615-791-3240
Thurman, RandallWastewater Operator IWater Management615-791-3240
Treanor, EricSergeant, Major Crimes UnitPolice(615) 550-6839 Email
Truell, RussACA Finance & Administration/CFOAdministration, Finance 615-791-1457 Email
Tucker, JackAssistant DirectorSanitation and Environmental Services(615) 794-1516 Email
Verbosky, Richard Lieutenant, B-Squad (6:00 am - 2:00 pm) SWAT, Flex, & TrafficPolice(615) 550-6829 Email
Virrill, PatrickInspector I- BldgBuilding & Neighborhood Services615-550-6699 Email
Waddey, AnnelleFinancial Technician (Accounts Payable)Finance 615-791-1457 Email
Walker, BrianLandscape & Grounds ForemanParks(615)794-2103 x 6975 Email
Warner, CharlesSergeant, Public AffairsPolice(615) 550-6821 Email
Westbrook, BillWater Operator Sr.Water Management615-791-3260
Whidby, RandyUtilities Crew ChiefWater Management615-794-4554
Whitaker, BrianWater Quality SpecialistEngineering(615) 791-3218 Email
White, AllyHuman Resources TechnicianHuman Resources(615)791-3216 Email
White, MelindaAdmistrative AssistantWater Management615-791-3240 Email
Wildrick, DawnFinancial AnalystFinance 615-791-1457 Email
Willhite, JoannLieutenant, Emergency Communications CenterPolice(615) 550-6806 Email
Willoughby, JeffStormwater CoordinatorEngineering(615) 550-6651 Email
Wilson, BradFacilities Project ManagerAdministration615-550-6628 Email
Wilson, MikeWater Operator Sr.Water Management615-791-3260
Woodard, StaceyFinancial AnalystFinance 615-791-1457 Email
Woodby, BobWater Operator Sr.Water Management615-791-3260
Woods, BrendaAdministrative Assistant Planning and Sustainability615-550-6730 Email
Woolard, GeoffAssistant Fire MarshalFire (615) 550-6754 Email
Worley, BenROW Agent/Project ManagerEngineering(615) 791-3218 Email
Wright, CyndiAdministrative AssistantFire (615) 550-6750 Email
Wyatt, ChrisWastewater Operator Sr.Water Management615-791-3240
York, JoeDirectorStreets615-791-3254 Email
Zelaya, DonSergeant, Vice & Narcotics UnitPolice(615) 550-6967 Email