The utility payment dropbox on Second Avenue is inoperable until further notice. Please make payments inside City Hall between 8am and 5pm.  There is free 15 minute parking outside the office between the 2nd Ave. parking garage and city hall.  You can also make payments online at  or set up a bank draft by calling 615-794-4572.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Water Staff

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Hilty, MarkAssistant City Administrator - Public WorksWater Management(615) 791-3217
McNeese, PatriciaUtilities Project ManagerWater Management(615) 791-3218
Thurber, IvanAssistant Superintendent Water Reclamation FacilityWater Management(615) 791-3240
Davis, JuanSuperintendent Water Reclamation FacilityWater Management(615) 791-3240
White, MelindaAdmistrative AssistantWater Management(615) 791-3240
Sullivan, RussellSuperintendent Water Treatment PlantWater Management(615) 791-3260
McClure, LarryAssistant Superintendent Water Treatment PlantWater Management(615) 791-3260
Bilbo, NeenaAdministrative SecretaryWater Management(615) 794-4554
Bennett, JakeBackflow InspectorWater Management(615) 794-4554
McPeak, RickyAssistant Director Water Management DepartmentWater Management(615) 794-4554
Harper, DustinUtilities InspectorWater Management(615) 794-4554
Goodwin, BrianAssistant Director Water ManagementWater Management(615) 794-4554
Hatcher, MichelleDirector Water ManagementWater Management(615) 794-4554
McNeil, BenUtilities Inspector Sr.Water Management(615) 794-4554
Conner, BenUtilities InspectorWater Management(615) 794-4554
Belcher, JeffInventory SpecialistWater Management(615) 794-4554
Giles, JeffGIS AnalystWater Management(615) 794-4554
Andrews, ScottUtilities EngineerWater Management(615) 794-4554
Lee, JRAssistant Superintendent Wastewater CollectionWater Management(615) 794-4554
Franklin, RoseAdministrative AssistantWater Management(615) 794-4554