Reclaimed Water Division

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On February 10, 2004, the City of Franklin Board of Mayor and Aldermen officially created the Reclaimed Water Division through adoption of Title 18, Chapter 4, of the Franklin Municipal Code. With the adoption of Chapter 4, the Water Management Department instituted the enforcement of the State Approved Construction Standards, Regulation and Fee Structures as set forth in the Ordinance. The Reclaimed Water Division is responsible for the production and distribution of Reclaim Water for commercial and residential irrigation use within the City’s water-service area.

The Reclaim Water Distribution system lines are a separate system from the Wastewater and Water Distribution system. 

The Division anticipates increasing demand on the Reclaimed Water system as the Westhaven Golf Course comes online as well as an increased interest due to the droughts experienced in recent years. With the completions of Reclam Water transmission lines in the Goose Creek area and in the vicinity of Downs Boulevard and Jim Warren Park, long-term planning for the Reclaimed Water system will continue. 

There are no dedicated personnel assigned to the Reclaim Water Division.

Personnel from the Wastewater Collection and Water Distribution Divisions currently perform Service and Maintenance of the Reclaimed Water lines, Reclaim Water pumping stations and Compliance Sampling.