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The 2017/2018 Leaf Season

        Leaf Season is upon us!  Leaf Season begins on the first working day of October and ends on the last working day of January every year.  

During Leaf Season you may place your loose leaves at the front curb of your home for the leaf vacuum truck to come and collect.  The link below will show you a brief presentation on leaf removal options and leaf season procedures.  Also, please remember that your leaves will not be picked up if there is debris such as sticks, pumpkins, stones, etc. mixed in with the leaves.  Please remember that leaves are not picked up for esthetic reasons; they are picked up strictly to help keep them out of stormwater structures.  Please plan your leaf raking activities accordingly. 

Please consider helping to keep your neighborhood common areas clean by organizing a neighborhood "clean-up day" or "leaf-raking" social gathering.  Remember too that older citizens sometimes live right next door and might need some help with their leaves.  (The City does all we can to help, but sometimes we are not always able to meet the labor-needs of our older citizens.  Any help you can provide would be very appreciated by the City and your neighbors!)

Please note that if you currently pay for private lawn service, your provider MUST remove your yard waste.   Whether you or a lawn service provider is taking care of your lawn, it is NEVER acceptable to place leaves into a storm drain, culverts, or any other stormwater structure.  REMEMBER: our city stormdrains run directly into our creeks and the Harpeth River.  Please help us to keep them clean so that fish and wildlife are kept safe.  Only RAIN goes down the Drain!

As a reminder, if you have any questions about leaf removal procedures, please see City of Franklin Leaf Removal Options for more information or you may call us anytime at 615-791-3254.