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Frequently Asked Questions of the Street Department

How do I get leaves removed from my property?

To see the colorcoded leaf collection map with pick-up days , click here . Leaves are picked up every week on designated days by subdivision.  Each subdivision is placed in a color-coded zone. (see map) Leaves must be placed at curbside by 7:00 a.m. on the assigned pickup day. Please note the Street Department does not pick up bagged leaves; those are picked up by the Sanitation and Environmental Services Department.

For more detailed information on our Annual Leaf Removal Service, click here.  You may also call the Street Department at 615.791.3254. Leaves will be collected October 2-January 26, 2018.

How do I find out about Snow/Ice Removal?

The Street Department closely monitors weather conditions at all times of the year but particularly when Snow and/or Ice events are predicted.  The City of Franklin does not have the resources at this time to brine and salt every roadway in the City.  This link, Snow/Ice Route Map, will show you the major arterial and feeder roads that we currently salt.    Please note that we also salt all known hazardous hills and corners as well as hospital entrances inside the City of Franklin.  If you are in need of immediate emergency medical assistance during a snow/ice event, please alert 911 first and ask the dispatcher to inform the Street Department that your street needs salt for safe passage of emergency vehicles.

How do I get information on the safe placement of a dumpster/temporary storage container and do I need a permit?

You do need a permit to place a dumpster on a City of Franklin Street whether the street is public or private.  Please click the following for a printable dumpster permit application or temporary storage container applicationinstructions, and a copy of Franklin Codes and Ordinances for these containers.

I am a Contractor and I need a Street Cut Permit.  Where do I go?

Please click the following for a printable copy of the Street Excavation Application and the Street Excavation Checklist which lists the items you will need when applying for a permit to excavate.  Please be aware that all sub-contractors MUST be able to tell us what utility company the work is being done for.

Where can I get compost?

Please click here to find information on where you can purchase a compost voucher, where you can pick up your compost, and what you will need to be prepared for when picking up your compost.

Where do I report a pothole or request other assistance from the Street Department?

Click Online Services to request repairs for potholes, stormwater issues, debris removal, traffic control signs that are damaged, and traffic signals that are not work or are burned out.

The grass along the road is too tall, who is responsible for cutting it?

During the spring and summer months, the Street Department does mow certain ROW areas within the City limits.  To see the areas that we maintain, open the ROW Maintenance map.  Areas that are not highlighted in green on this map are either privately maintained, or are maintained by TDOT

There is a dead animal on the side of the road.  How do I get it removed?

The Street Department does not remove dead animals from the side of the road.  The Sanitation and Environmental Services Department offers dead animal removal if an animal has fallen along a roadway serviced by their Sanitation trucks.  Please call them at 615-794-1516 and they will remove the animal utilizing a knuckleboom truck.