Street Department

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The Street Department is a maintenance division of the City of Franklin. We are responsible for a large portion of the maintenance that is performed for the City of Franklin.

The Street Department is located at 124 Lumber Drive (across from Beasley Drive on Columbia Avenue), Franklin, TN 37063.

You may reach the Street Department by phone at: 615-791-3254.  You may also reach the Street Department by scan/fax at: 615-791-3200.

The Street Department is divided into five divisions.


The Administrative Division of the Street Department takes care of all administrative tasks for the Street Department both at City Hall and at the Public Works Offices.  Additionally, the office staff handles their own emergency dispatching during weather events and other emergency situations.  Every member of our office staff spends time "out in the field" performing additional job tasks.  If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 615-791-3254.


The Maintenance Division is divided into two groups; the Landscape Crew and the Street Maintenance Crew.  Both crews work to keep the City of Franklin beautiful and keep people moving safely on our roadways.  Our Landscape Crew decorates and cleans the Downtown District for festivals and holidays and maintains all city-owned Right-of-Way areas.  The Street Maintenance Crew keeps city-owned streets in safe driving condition.


The Traffic Division is also divided into two groups; the Traffic Signal Shop and the Sign Shop.  Together these two Shops work to manufacture or purchase, install, maintain, and replace when needed all city-owned traffic signals, warning lights, luminary light, roadway signs, and roadway markings within the City of Franklin.


The Stormwater Division works to keep city-owned stormwater structures clean which allows them to function at optimal capacity so that storm water does not collect on roadways and cause a driving hazard.  This task includes coordinating with other crews to keep leaves out of the stormwater structures, inspecting newly constructed stormwater structures to ensure they are built to the correct standard, and in some cases re-designing and even re-building older structures during maintenance and repairs.


Simply put, the Fleet Division keeps the entire City of Franklin Fleet working.  The Fleet division performs all maintenance and repairs for every vehicle and all pieces of motorized equipment used by all City of Franklin Departments.