Disposal of Home-Generated Sharps

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(Needles, Syringes and Lancets)

Needle Drop off container   




Needle Drop off container inside_2containerbottle 

 What are Sharps?

  • Needles and Syringes
  • Lancets (Mainly used for Diabetes Testing)
  • Other Self-Injection devices with sharp ends (such as EpiPens)

What Should Residents Do?

  • Make sure the sharps are kept in a closed sharps container or other similar plastic or metal puncture-resistant container with tight-fitting lid.
  • See if your health care provider, hospital or pharmacy has a Take-Back program.
  • Take your sharps to an approved drop-off collection site or household hazardous waste facility. For City of Franklin residents, when container is 3/4 full, Tape Closed, Label "Sharps," and drop containers off at 417 Century Ct. Hours are from 7am till 3:30pm Monday through Friday.

Drop Off Location