Recycling Saves Taxpayer Dollars

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Recycling and diverting waste from the landfill isn’t just good for the environment. It is also good for the City of Franklin’s bottom-line. Through these efforts, the City of Franklin has reduced the taxpayer subsidy to sanitation/solid waste operations by over $3.7 million since 2008. All while enhancing services to citizens. Over the past several years, the City of Franklin has adapted a multifaceted approach to delivering more cost effective, comprehensive, and sustainable solid waste services to citizens and local businesses. By providing more options to divert waste and establishing stability in terms of cost and capacity for disposal, the City of Franklin has enhanced services and controlled cost.

These initiatives include:

  • Implementation of residential curbside recycling (Blue Bag) program in 2010
  • Yard waste collection and composting in 2007
  • Battery, Oil, Paint, Electronics, Anti-freeze collection site in 2009
  • Long-term (14-year) inter-governmental landfill services agreement providing for hauling and disposal of waste at a significant savings in 2012.

2008 to Present – General Fund subsidy to Solid Waste Operations

                                                      2008           2010          2012         2013         Chg. ‘08-‘13
General Fund Subsidy     $4.47M         $2.24M*     $1.3M       $728,483     ($3.8M)
*Note: The City last adjusted its residential solid waste fee in 2010

Through this multifaceted approach, Franklin has been able to lower overall costs, reduce the general fund subsidy to solid waste operations (a reduction of $3.74 million or 83.7 percent since 2008) and enhance services. In addition, the City is now diverting more waste from the landfill while improving stewardship of the environment and of our finances. Thanks to creative partnerships, outreach to the public, and teamwork, the City of Franklin delivers cost effective, sustainable solid waste services that will serve the community well for years to come.