CPA Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What happens after I graduate from the CPA?

    There are plenty of opportunities for you to continue special relationships with Officers and fellow graduates. The Franklin Citizens' Police Academy Alumni Association serves to compliment the Franklin CPA. Alumni sponsor annual events, notably Police Appreciation Week and the Police Gala. Money raised from the Gala helps the families of officers killed or seriously injured in the line of duty, and police families affected by other unusual financial situations. We encourage your continued involvement after graduation as a means to remain active with the community and the Department. For further information, visit the Alumni Association's web site at
  • Do we get to ride with a police officer during the program?

    Yes. In fact, ride-alongs are an important part of the CPA experience. We schedule you to ride four hours with an officer on the evening or midnight shift, on a Friday or Saturday. A sign-up calendar is used for each participant to schedule their ride times.
  • What happens if I have to miss a session?

    Of course, we encourage your attendance at every session; however, we do know that "life happens." We ask that you attend at least seven of the program's eight sessions and graduation. Absences limit your ability to bond with the other participants and fully appreciate the total experience.
  • Do I have to live in Franklin in order to participate in the Citizens' Police Academy?

    Because our program focuses on Franklin, CPA participants must live or work in the City of Franklin.
  • Do CPA participants get to fire weapons?

    We host a voluntary Firearms Familiarization Day on a Saturday morning for interested participants. You will receive basic safety and skills instruction, and then fire several types of weapons from the Department's inventory. Strict controls are in place for your safety.
  • Is riding with a police officer safe?

    Your safety is our primary concern. If at any time you do not feel comfortable with the experience, you may ask the officer to bring you back to the station and drop you off. Should the officer you are riding with be dispatched to an exceptionally dangerous call, he or she may drop you off at a safe location prior to responding. At all times, obey the instructions given to you by the officer you are with, they are committed to your safety and will protect you.
  • Does the Citizens' Police Academy prepare me for a job as a police officer?

    No. Persons interested in pursuing a career with the FPD should contact Human Resources at (615) 791-3216.
  • What is the Franklin Citizens' Police Academy?

    The Citizens' Police Academy is an important community outreach program of the Department. The program familiarizes interested community members with the officers & operations of the FPD, and the men and women sworn to your service.